Basketball Recruiting Targets (Atlanta area)

In an ironic scheduling quirk 3 Terp Targets were at a local High School on back to back days so I went to watch.

Friday Night-Wheeler High School which is a top 20 National team this year and also happens to be Charles Mitchell's High School played at Roswell. Daniel Giddens and Jaylen Brown both 5 star Juniors that we are going after play for Wheeler. I have seen both Giddens and Brown play twice this year and probably 6-8 times last year. So these assessments are based on that.

Daniel Giddens-6'10 with a strong frame and a frame that will allow him to get bigger and stronger. He gets in foul trouble very often. He is strong around the basket, but doesn't yet have anywhere near a polished offensive game as of yet. He plays hard and with a mean streak and has a soft touch. He is not the presence defensively that a guy his size at the high school level should be as much smaller players drive right at him and go right by him.

Jaylen Brown-very good size for a wing. He is 6'6-6'7 and has a good frame. He is supremely athletic and seems to have at least 1-2 jump out of your seat dunks/feats of athleticism each game. He is NOT an outside shooter at this point. He has a nice mid range game(8-10 foot floater)and when he gets to the rim can finish nicely. For a player ranked as highly as he is, I was hoping to see him take the game over a good bit more than he did. That being said he is playing with at least 4 other Division 1 players, so that could be part of the reason he doesn't. Overall he does have a load of potential based on his athleticism but has a ways to go to be a finished product.

Ironically Wheeler should have won the game by 25 or so, but FT Shooting (Go figure at Charles Mitchells' school) was their Achilles heel as they likely shot 12-35 and therefore only won by 6 pts.

The next day Marcus Sheffield of Chatahoochee HS played at the same school. On the way in to the game-I opened the door for an elderly gentleman who saw me wearing a Maryland shirt and he asked if I was there scouting. I said not in any official capacity. He laughed and said I assume you are here to see Sheffield. I said yes, he told me he was the coaches father. I asked him how Sheffield had been playing and he let me know that he has been under the weather with the flu (so my assessment may not be based on his best performance).

Sheffield is about 6'5 and VERY skinny. Reminds me very much physically and also somewhat skill-set wise of Laron Profit. Now if he turns out to be as good as Profit I would be very surprised, but that being said I remember Profit in a Terp uniform and not as a junior in High school. Sheffield has no outside shot at all, but he has a pretty good handle and can get to the rim pretty easily. He doesn't appear to be elite athletically, as I only saw him try to dunk once and he got rejected by the rim, albeit a tough dunk that he had to avoid a player and the ball was in his left hand. He also didn't appear to be an elite defender, but that could come along later. He had to do a lot for his team (probably finished with 25-30 pts) as his team isn't very good. I would have liked to have seen him be a bit more aggressive/more selfish, but it didn't seem like that's what he is all about (which is normally fine) but again his team wasn't very good. My initial thoughts are I really want to see him again later this year and next year as right now I am not sure if he is a guy that would be a big time player, and he may not be a high-major player. Again he certainly could develop into that.

Feel free to respond to me with any questions about all 3

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