Ranking the ACC: What will the new year bring the Terps?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Terps have one final tune-up game before the meat of the conference schedule begins.

1. Syracuse (1) -- 12-0 (0-0) -- #2 in the country

Syracuse used a huge second half from Tyler Ennis to pull away from #8 Villanova. In case you were wondering, the Orange are pretty good and will be atop the rankings for a while.

2. Duke (2) -- 10-2 (0-0) -- #7 in the country

The Dookies beat up on hapless Eastern Michigan. Although to be fair, the Eagles basketball team has five more wins than the football team in the same amount of games. Sorry about that, Eastern Michigan fans.

3. UNC (3) -- 9-3 (0-0) -- #19 in the country

We've all heard of Florida-Gulf Coast after last NCAA tournament, Northern Kentucky is no FGCU. North Carolina probably should have beat the Norse by more than 15, but their record is head-and-shoulders above any other contender for the third spot.

4. Florida State (4) -- 9-3 (0-0)

The 'Noles played a close game against Charleston Southern on Monday night to sneak into this evaluation. Honestly though, is any FSU fan paying attention to basketball right now?.

5. Pittsburgh (5) -- 11-1 (0-0)

Big power team beats small team. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. 'Tis the season?

6-8. NC State/Wake Forest/Clemson

Clemson hadn't played since Thanksgiving (slight exaggeration) before their win against VMI on Monday night. Wake and NC State both lost to superior opponents over the weekend. Sometimes you get caught on the chin, it happens.

9-11. Georgia Tech/Notre Dame/Virginia

Virginia was boat raced on Rocky Top. Sure, the closest body of water is 39 miles away, but go with the metaphor. Sometimes you just know when you're beat.

12/13. Maryland and Miami

Miami has won three in a row after losing four of six, while Maryland got back in the win column after an unexpected battle with Tulsa.

14. Virginia Tech (13) -- 7-5 (1-0)

After getting destroyed by VCU last week, the Hokies had a stinker against UNC-Greensboro. This would be your dunce cap of the week, or #goacc game of the week as it's referred to formally.

15. Boston College (15) -- 4-9 (0-0)

The Eagles have lost five straight to D-1 teams. Does Andre Williams have eligibility for basketball? Can anyone check? No?

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