Ranking the ACC: Regular season wrap-up

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It was a pretty strange year in the ACC, but we now know it's Duke and Florida State in the Championship.

Well, we're getting the matchup we all expected at the beginning of the season in the ACC Championship Clemson-Miami Florida State-Duke!

1. Florida State (1) -- 12-0 (8-0) -- LW: 37-7 win over Florida

Florida State has been so dominant this year and there's really not much else to be said. The 'Noles will be playing in the National Championship game if all goes according to plan against Duke.

2. Duke (3) -- 10-2 (6-2) -- LW: 27-25 win over North Carolina

Duke is in the ACC Championship game and have their first shot at a conference championship since 1989. A very impressive feat, given they were picked last in the Coastal.

3. Clemson (2) -- 10-2 (7-1) -- LW: 31-17 loss against South Carolina

Clemson gon' Clemson and they will likely miss out on a BCS bowl now.

I don't know dreamy Ryan Reynolds, I don't know.

4/5. Miami and Virginia Tech

Well, both won on the weekend and still lose out to Duke in the ACC Coastal. On the plus side, both miss out on the chance to get obliterated by Florida State before bowl selections are done.

6-11. Georgia Tech/Maryland/North Carolina/Syracuse/Boston College/Pittsburgh

It's come to the point where I can't differentiate between any of these teams. I just don't know what to do. I'm so confused, and yet they are all somehow bowl eligible...

12. Wake Forest (12) -- 4-8 (2-6) -- LW: 23-21 loss to Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt is really good team, and Wake almost pulled off the upset. I'm actually really surprised Jim Grobe resigned, despite the disappointing season. Remember when Maryland lost to them? I'll see myself out.

13/14. NC State and Virginia

Probably Maryland's two biggest rivals in the ACC went winless in conference play.

Past Opponents:

  • FIU finished 1-11 after a 21-6 loss to FAU in their season finale.
  • Old Dominion finished their season last week after their 80-20 loss to UNC. ODU finished 8-4 in a transitional season.
  • UConn knocked off Rutgers and are now on a two-game winning streak after starting 0-9. They finish their season against Memphis this weekend.
  • West Virginia finished 4-8 (2-7 in the Big XII)  after a loss to Iowa State.
Atlantic Coast Conference, it's been fun, but we're headed to the Big Ten. Thanks for the good times.

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