The Big Ten isn't that great at football

After reading numerous comments about how we project to be in the middle/upper middle of the Big Ten in football, I thought it might be worth it to compare the ACC & B1G top to bottom.

At the top, you've got the BCS top 25:


Florida State is #1, Clemson #13, and Duke #20

Big Ten:

Ohio State #2, Michigan State #10, Wisconsin #21

That looks like pretty much a wash at the top.

Beyond the top 3 in each league, here are the Sagarin rankings through Nov. 30 (I'm not arguing for the strength of the rating system, but in assessing league strength it's as good a way as any to compare them)

ACC: Georgia Tech #30, VPI #31, Miami #41, UNC #48, BC #58, Pitt #59, Cuse #66, UMD #71, Wake #82, UVA #99, NCSU #109.

Big Ten: Iowa #25, Michigan, #39, Nebraska #49, Minnesota #51, Pedo State #52, Indiana #57, Northwestern #65, Illinois #73, Purdue #149.

It's worth noting that Sagarin has Duke at #40 and all 3 ranked B1G teams in the top 15. So...

The Big Ten looks a little stronger at the top end (MSU & Wisconsin generally are predicted to beat Clemson/Duke).


Wake, UVA, and TRS are all worse than UMD right now (rankings wise) in the ACC, but only Purdue in the B1G is ranked substantially below UMD (Rutgers looks like they are destined to be the B1G doormat for the foreseeable future, but they're not in the league now).

So... the idea that the ACC isn't a whole lot worse than the B1G top to bottom in football has some merit, neither conference has been overwhelming this year, and both have some pretty poor teams. But the weaker B1G teams (generally) are closer to the middle of the pack than the weaker programs in the ACC (the Cavs, Fighting Yows, and Wake).

ALSO, Maryland is 1-5 against teams in the top 75 this season (WVU is #79), and only 1 current B1G member is ranked below that line. So Maryland's relatively weaker opponents (Indiana, Rutgers, Iowa) will be generally stronger than the weaker teams Maryland has beaten this year in the ACC . . .

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