Maryland Stock Report: Basketball stock rising

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Football takes a seat on the back-burner with basketball in full swing.

Stock Rising:

Roddy Peters, starting point guard -- This one seems obvious, but it needs to be said -- Roddy has played well and for now I'm comfortable with him starting heading into the meat of the ACC schedule.

The dueling go-to guys -- We discussed this last week in the roundtable and Maryland really does have two go-to guys as far as basketball is concerned. Dez Wells took over the Boston College game down the stretch and won that game for the Terps in crunch time. Meanwhile, Jake Layman's jumper was back firmly in the 'On' position against Florida Atlantic. This is clearly a great "problem" to have.

Jonathan Graham -- I think most of us saw Graham's late addition as a good thing, but I don't think -- well, I know -- none of us saw him playing 21 minutes in an ACC game. Even if that one game was against Boston College.

Stock Holding:

Randy Edsall -- As promised, he continues to stay in the holding category until the Terps play in the Military Bowl, he gets hired by Texas* or he is fired.

Mark Turgeon -- We are seeing more and more gripes about Turgeon on the board lately, so I don't know if he's necessarily falling, but maybe it is time to address it?

Football recruiting -- I don't normally discuss recruiting, but we're in the "dead period" which is a meaningless term since coaches can still call recruits. So, there's my recruiting mention until signing day.

Stock Dropping:

Randy Edsall to Alabama -- This is your fault, you guys. You could have made it happen.

Damonte Dodd -- Dodd has seen 11 total minutes of court time since he saw 13 minutes against Morgan State. That includes two DNP's in a row.

Varun Ram -- Since he started the George Washington game he's played three minutes in two games. Turgeon is clearly shortening the bench at the expense of Ram and Dodd.

Military Bowl Odds -- What opened as a pick 'em, is now a line set at Marshall as a three-point favorite. I don't know what to say. Have at it in the comments.

Whoever lit Testudo on fire -- Why would you do it? Why?

What else is rising or falling in the world of Terrapins sports? Also, a congratulations to the Maryland Men's Soccer team on their season and Patrick Mullins for a great career.

*Again, counting on you guys.

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