Film Session: Terps at BC

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Longtime reader, infrequent commenter, first time contributor here at TT. Honestly, I haven’t had time to follow Maryland athletics as much as I used to. I’ve watched the previous 3 games now, and it looks like a frustrating up-and-down season ahead of us. A lot of potential, and still a lot of the same mistakes and issues as always.

Given this state of affairs, I thought it might be best to use some video clips to capture what the Terps have done well, and what can be improved. So what follows is a little film breakdown from the Boston College win. I apologize for the poor video quality, I’m not the most knowledgeable tech guy. If anyone knows a better way to video capture TV onto a computer, or from an online stream, please share.

Our first clip is a Smotrycz step-back three-pointer early in the game. I’m so used to watching the flex offense that I’m still getting used to learning Turgeon’s primary offensive sets. From one game under close scrutiny, this set is the team’s go-to play.

Ball starts with Peters on top, goes to Wells on one wing. Smot sets a flare screen for Peters, and continues for a ball screen for Wells. This is just setting up space for an easy reversal to the other wing. Now Cleare sprints for a pick-and-roll with Peters. There are essentially 4 options for Peters…attack the rim, dish to Cleare roll, kick to Layman spot-up in corner, or pass back to Smot as he pops out behind the action.

Peters probes the defense and tosses back to Smot. The pass is low so Smot has to regroup, and bails out the Terps with a step-back 3. If this is the intent of the play, Cleare could do a better job rolling into Smot’s man as a moving screen of sorts.

Here is the same play, this time Roddy finds Mitchell as the roll man under the basket. Unfortunately, it’s a missed layup.

10 minutes left in the game, Roddy comes hard off the ball screen and crashes down the side of the lane. Faust misses but it’s an open 3, notice his defender has helped on Peters and has a foot in the lane when Faust catches.

Maryland runs the play again with 1:40 to play, except this time Wells and Peters switch spots. BC bottles up Dez coming off the ball screen, so he resets and goes iso. Big tip-in bails out the Terps.

Enough of that play, I particularly enjoyed this set. BC took its first lead, about 8 minutes left in the game. Turgeon called a timeout down 62-58 and drew up this beauty.

Start the play to Layman on far wing, couple of curl screen down low and Smot pops open at the high post. Notice at this point, every single player is one the far side of the court. Not well spaced, but by design. Roddy comes screaming around for a handoff and reverse court with the dribble. Meanwhile, Layman runs the baseline parallel to Roddy, getting two backscreens. Peters feeds Layman, pump fake and a long 2 later, Maryland gets a much-needed basket.

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