Have at it. You can disagree with my opinion.

But we as fans on this board act like a bunch of spoiled teenage girls on MTV's great show My Super Sweet Sixteen when we lose. For those of you have not seen or heard of the show, picture a girl getting a new car worth tens of thousands of dollars than the car you own now and complaining, or having her parents throw thousands of dollars into a wicked huge party only to have the girl turn into a weeping mess when the next big boy band cannot make it to her party because obviously the world revolves around her.

Alright, I will stop with the lame MTV reference, but we act like heathens demanding Edsall's or Turgeon's head every time a ball doesn't bounce this way, the team does not execute, the team loses, they call a timeout they shouldn't have, they fail to call a timeout when they should have, they speak during post-game questions, etc. So yeah, we fit both the wining hormonal teenager and the bloodthirsty heathen. I have never coached football nor basketball, and certainly not at the collegiate level. So I do not understand the pressures of such a position. And if anyone here has, props to you because I am sure you had to deal with a fan-base that scrutinized your every move, but probably not as much as Terps fans scrutinize the program's coaches. But these guys get paid millions of dollars to make the calls you say. To that I say screw it. Being the POTUS and a coach of a Terps team are the jobs I would never want to have, and I will therefor not demand them to be fired without them failing to prove themselves.

I understand some people need to vent after a loss as they have poured a lot of time and effort following and supporting teams that seem like they cannot make it over the hump under Anderson's new regime which is almost three years old. However, some take this venting as a privilege that empowers them with a magical ability. The magical ability allows comments to come true, and that typing "Fire Edsall" in all caps will mean that the deed is done as soon as the enter key is hit.

"Wait, that doesn't happen?" - OP

Nope, nor will it change the fact that Edsall will most likely be back next season. Firing Edsall midseason is a bit of a ridiculous statement with which to begin. Two games remain on the season slate, one being very winnable because it is NC State, and a bowl game that can be a tossup depending upon the opposition. Anderson isn't going to wipe away the slate early, and if he is going to do it at all it will be at the end of the season. So stop with the fire this coach. Talk about football and the players that are playing on the field.

My personal stance on Edsall is let him be and see what he can do. Let him to continue to build the program as he wants it and give him the fourth year. The structure to me looks good, and is just missing the results. If he manages a bowl game next season, let him have another year. Let him get a class of his recruits graduated. The team has talent but still is young. Let him coach his juniors and seniors. Edsall sputtered out seasons of 4-7,3-8,2-9, and 6-6 before the wheels started to turn for him at UConn. Looks vaguely similar to the Terps 2-10,4-8, and 6-5 (not finished but hopefully will be 7-5) of the past three seasons. After those first four years, he won 8+ games in six out of eight seasons. I have faith that those wheels will turn soon enough, and the injuries may have caused the engine to stall this year, and last year that engine completely disappeared. But I see 6-5 as progress. Progress is good, and until that stalls I don't mind Edsall.

This fan base seems to become so malicious when we lose. Today's game was painful to watch at the end. It was cold standing in a vacated student section. But it was exciting to see the Terps play the last game in Byrd while in the ACC. The ACC chapter for football is on its last page, and the regular season will be over next Saturday. Loosen up a little bit, put down the remote that you will regretfully hurl at the TV, and enjoy the last couple games. Enjoy is interesting word when you follow the Terps, I suppose enjoy just means do anything you will not regret. And if merely watching the Terps is something that you will regret, don't turn on the TV.

Fans always seem to develop some type of myopia causing them to only be able to be focused on the last few minutes of a close game. I do not care that Edsall should have done this or not have done that in the waning minutes of the game. He did what he did; there is no peppering the pill, the team lost. However, other events in the game happened, and the summation of all these events resulted with the Terps landing in the loss column. There was a botched offensive pass interference call negating a touchdown, there was a low snap resulting in a blocked punt, there was a fumble by Veii, there was Will Likely who slipped at midfield leaving a man wide open, there was an offense at the end of the game that couldn't pull of a drive to get into scoring position. Was the game winnable? Of course. Did we execute when we had to? No. Shit happened. We are still trying to scrub it off of our heal. It smells, but that will fade.

With the losses to guys like Dex and JJ, and the tandem some labeled as one of the best in the FBS in Long and Diggs, a depleted O-line (which was actually never really full in the first place), key losses in Cudjoe-Vigil and the rest of LB core, the team has won six games. Have they lost a couple they should have won? Yeah. Have they surprised us with a victory in VT? Yeah. Are they going to a bowl? Yeah. A bowl is something for these guys to be happy with after the past couple seasons. It is an extra game for seniors to impress scouts (looking at you Whitfield), and we are not like Oregon who did not care to play in another Rose Bowl. Well lucky for them, they will not need to play in a Rose Bowl.

Does the future look bright, I believe so. We have a solid recruiting class that addresses this team's weaknesses. We have major talent returning from injury and just returning in general for another year of school. Yes, I do understand that saying the future is bright is getting old or already is old. But I do not think we saw the rash of injuries, and if anyone predicted them, please refrain in the upcoming seasons. Thank you in advance. But really, who knows maybe we can surprise in the Big Ten next year. You never know, maybe luck can change for once.

And no, I am not somebody hired by UMD to come here and write about why Edsall should not be fired. I am a student, a sophomore who lives on South Campus next to the dining hall. I write this because I am fed up with people saying "Fire Edsall." Come at me, but I am sick of it. Save it for the postseason if you want to talk about it.

I am tired of my fellow students, many of whom couldn't give a rat's ass about who is coaching. A kid in front of me today said at kickoff if BC scores that he is going to leave. BC kicked a field goal. 3-0 BC. And the kid is already ten rows up towards the exit. Seriously? It is a football game that is "free," why the hell would you leave down 3. This just pisses me off. Others scanned and left so they could collect a wristband (a wristband... are we toddlers?) and a poster that commemorates a sport that they do not even spend a couple hours to watch on a handful of Saturday afternoons in the fall. And why do students leave at halftime for a game that is tied at 10? Youth is wasted on the wrong people, and "free" college football games are being squandered. A for a country that is so in love with the game of football, it beats me as to why it is so hard for students to get behind their school and support fellow classmates on the field.

So go ahead, I have said my spiel, rant in the comments about how I am too optimistic, how you hate Edsall's guts, how you can't stand the direction of the Terps right now. Yet, here you find yourself, back on this blog talking about the Terps and their woes. It is some kind of sick trap really: addictive. But I see this team as Forrest Gump when he decides to run, and just keep running. We just "ran through a big pile of dog shit." It happens, sometimes. Let's keep running. These Terps have seemed to be running for a while now, but I assure you, we will eventually get to a destination. If you prefer to be a pessimist, please continue to spread your happiness and joy with us. I prefer to be an optimist. And not having to deal with ACC refs after this season is something about which we should all be optimistic.

Go Terps. #goacc

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