Maryland Stock Report: Firesale

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, when you lose in (somewhat) embarrassing fashion you have to sell.

It is really tough to find anything positive out of the game against Syracuse. Meanwhile, the basketball team struggled, at times in the first half, in their prime-time game against UConn in Brooklyn.

Stock Rising:

Football in 2014 -- The return of Deon Long and Stefon Diggs can only be a good thing, and are a saving grace right now.

Fans of Illegal Formation penalties -- The game against Syracuse was definitely for you. Unofficially, I had the Terps at 47 illegal formation penalties. Realistically, it was closer to three or four, but it certainly felt that high.

Evan Smotrycz -- Stepped up in a big way against UConn and was one of their most consistent players. He finished with 13 points and 9 rebounds.

Stock Holding:

Maryland's Bowl hopes -- They are still on hold with three games to go, as unbelievable as it is. I can't believe it either.

LB Abner Logan -- His stock should probably be rising, but lets chalk it up to the team's terrible overall performance for that. It's nothing personal, Abner. I thought you were great.

The Jake Layman hype -- 13 points and four rebounds isn't a "big" day, but Layman didn't have a bad day. He went two-of-three behind the arc and actually hit five-of-six free throws, which is big for him.

Stock Dropping:

Randy Edsall -- He was skewered everywhere this week for his post-game press conference. It wasn't good. The play on the field wasn't much better from his team.

Offensive play-calling -- C.J. Brown could barely stay upright in the pocket after being pressured heavily all game. Nothing seemed to work. Brandon Ross and Albert Reid couldn't get anything going on the ground. Just an overall poor offensive day.

Dez Wells at the point -- It's not natural for him and he's needed more off the ball. What makes him special is negated when he's running the show, and hopefully Nick Faust will see more time at the point instead of Wells.

Nick Faust, three-point specialist -- I didn't know this was a thing until Friday. I appreciate Faust working on his jump shot, but him taking 10 (!!!) three points seems excessive when guys like Layman or Smotrycz are on the floor.

Who did you have rising and falling this week?

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