A vote of no confidence

I have always been in the camp of letting Edsall do his job, if the recruits kept coming and the wins were more or less there, everything would be okay.

Yesterday's loss to Syracuse and the one to Wake have left me with no confidence that this is realistic for the rest of this year and then next.

Looking down the road this season I can see us losing to VA Tech and BC which would then leave us 5-6 in the last game vs NC State. You don't want that as a must win, especially after starting 4-0 including a nice win vs WVU. I see a 6-6 season in our future and limping into a bowl game. The worst of it is looking at the schedule for next year. We stand to be absolutely decimated by the slate we have if this kind of play continues. We have the talent, I strongly believe that, it just isn't being deployed well. If it's the coordinators calling the shots that are to blame then fine, but Edsall set it up in this manner so it rolls to him just as much.

On a bigger scale looking at Edsall's career, the first two seasons here would be explainable by injury. This one, were he to limp into a bowl, not as much but he did have some key injuries to point the finger at. Next year, barring another unfortunate spate of injuries, will only serve to put the nail in Edsall's coaching coffin at the higher levels. I cannot see who would hire him with such a disastrous record but for some aspirational program.

For Edsall's part, The way I see things it is in his best interest long term to just go now and not have that bad first B1G season hanging on him. Don't get fired, don't have a 4th bad season, just find some open mid tier program and ride it out.

For the school's part the precedent is there from Fridge's firing that lame duck coaches are less costly in the long run than the impact of a poor recruiting class not knowing who will be coming in next and poor attendance for a mediocre team.

I really don't dislike Edsall and was hoping he'd work out, but it isn't happening and I'm putting forth a vote of no confidence. I don't know who would be good to take over, but there has to be someone out there who wants a crack at bringing a program into the B1G fray a la Northwestern, but with an even stronger recruiting base.

And while we're at it, install Planck as AD, he knows more about the sports business and running things well than anyone we'd get in that position.

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