TT Tailgate: (Off) Topic for the weekend - Good Joo-Joo

So many of y'all know I am one superstitious dude (no, not OCD) who is marginally religious but for a polytheistic religion with a degree of deference for teachings of certain enlightened individuals such as Buddha, Tom Robbins and Jesus but also folks who I have encountered face to face. But one thing I am certain of - (ok maybe not ENTIRELY certain...but it can't hurt) is the impact of good joo-joo on a team's performance. Sure there are commercials about it and such but life is not a beer commercial (and if it was, it should involve the hot catfight from that one Miller Lite commercial on a consistent basis). I believe the following - and some of the superstitions are rooted in some practical reality much like religious observances are (there are reasons why the population growth of Jews far out paced that of native Europeans and why they were "relatively" immune from the plagues for example) are rooted in some form of reality (nothing like a sip of wine to keep an otherwise non-drinking crowd docile).

So here are my major sports superstitions in no particular order:

1 - Take care of the home front BEFORE the big game. Nothing like a pissed off wife bugging you throughout the game or as soon as you get back home when the game is over. So a two nights before the game (or three) I do a romantic dinner and some form of South American wine and shoo the kids away. The night before is too obvious; but as long as she "feels close" to me, she wants to see me happy.....hell - she is already looking forward to the FSU game. Note that she was out of town for the UNC BB game last season. Damn.

2 - You guessed it - PC either before or during the game. A game like FSU warrants a trip out to Wheaton. BC warrants only a quickie to Grille. Not sure if it will be Kiki-Riki or EPR, but we have friends in this weekend from OOT who have already asked WHEN (not whether) we will have PC.

3 - Lucky MD drawers. Get a new pair every August that I toss in April. Yes they are washed b/w wearings. Boxers all the way.

4 - A bet with a grad of the opposing school (not a mere cash bet) - this one is pricey this time around. A bushel of crabs to be shared with the families and must wear opposing school's clothing for pics (no, not my lucky drawers...that's gross). I've been losing bets to the same FSU grad for quite a while so we raised the stakes this time. He gave the points this time which was a bit of a going away present imho.

Now I have stated that we NEED some extra joo-joo heading into FSU. Not sure if DJ and mdak have gotten around to sampling PC (which WILL LIKELY send a Craddock kick just inside the goal posts instead of careening off of it at the very least) but if either of them or any of you do, post below. NArmstrong's (h/t for sugggesting the title) brilliant comment about his first EPR experience WILL LIKELY be worth a tipped pass by the Terps defense. Chitsweires' self made green sauce and posted food porn on the last TT Tailgate....WILL LIKELY be good for that tip landing in a a MD defender's hands.

If you have any superstitions that you would like to admit to, post them below. If you have any interesting bets on the FSU game, post them below. If you want to talk about the abject cowardice of Colton abruptly quitting Survivor, post below. Enjoyed the steamed crab talk from the 02-Oct MM.....thinking next Terps Tailgate topic will be a deep dive into crabs. As always food porn and in depth descriptions of cheap eats joints are encouraged.

If you think that I am screwed in the head for being so dead honest about beliefs many folks don't admit to or flat out don't believe, you can voice that stuff as well.

Anything deemed inappropriate will be deleted by an admin or moderator with the power to do so. The views of the above FanPost do not represent the beliefs of Testudo Times or Testudo Times' authors, nor are they the work of them.

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