Maryland Stock Report: C.J. Brown is back, but Caleb Rowe worth buying

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced Sunday afternoon that C.J. Brown was cleared for practice and could play next week against Wake.

Maryland needed Virginia to botch a last-second field goal to hold on for a 27-26 win, but at the end of the day Maryland made enough plays to win. They also made enough careless plays to let Virginia win, but Virginia apparently hates points off turnovers. Stocks couldn't go lower after last week, so naturally a lot of stocks up after a win.

Stock Rising:

QB's C.J. Brown and Caleb Rowe -- Brown is back healthy and could play next week, but let's say he needs another week off -- I'm more than comfortable with Rowe against Wake Forest. Sure, he was all over the place at times against UVA, but Rowe made plays when he needed to.

WR Deon Long -- 3rd-and-22. I don't care if he ran the wrong route. I just know he came down with it.

RB Brandon Ross -- He stopped dancing! He said he got back to his north-south style running and it worked. He finished with 169 total yards and two rushing touchdowns.

CB Isaac Goins -- Wasn't tested much on the outside as Watford looked locked in on Jake McGee all day, but he came up and made tackles in the running game when he needed to.

Stock Holding:

LB Marcus Whitfield -- He was getting a lot of pressure on Watford and forced a fumble to boot. He didn't get a sack, but his presence was felt.

LB Alex Twine -- Twine seems like he makes every special teams tackle, doesn't he? He performed well on defense as well.

P Nate Renfro -- Punting in the rain can't be easy, which is probably why Renfro got the special teams game ball. He did a great job against Virginia. He's really improved this season, he's just so consistent.

Stock Falling:

Third-down Offense -- 4-for-12 is not great. Obviously, the rain and inexperience at quarterback didn't help that, but there were a few key plays that just seemed frustrating. On a third-and-short, the coaching staff inexplicably took Kenneth Goins out, and shocker they didn't get it.

Punt Returns -- It doesn't seem to matter who is returning punts for this team, there's a better-than-average shot they are going to fumble at least one return a game. There's no way this keeps up all season. At some point, Maryland is going to go a game without fumbling a punt. It has to. Someone please assure me this will happen.

Who did you think had a big week? Who are you selling stock in?

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