Basketball Open Scrimmage

I know very few of you were able to get out to the scrimmage so I'll give a quick rundown of how the boys did. I did this last year and people seemed to appreciate it. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Layman - 20 pts. 4 three pointers. Made almost everything he took. He didnt drive too much which I would have like to see a little of but he was definitely more assertive which we were all hoping for.

Dez - Not much needs to be said. No one is worried about him. Made several athletic plays at the basket. Didnt have his best jump shot today though.

Shaq - Had an and-one finsh as well as a dunk over chuck. A few nice rebounds too. He still wasnt quite able to assert his will like I would like from someone of his size but its hard to tell from a 20 minute scrimmage.

Nick - Hit a couple threes I believe. Shot looks a little better but Im not sure how consistently he will hit it which is always the question with him. Made some nice slashes to the basket and overall looked pretty good. It was nice just to see his presence felt.

Roddy - Im pretty sure he didn't score. He made some nice hard passes from the drive that could definitely help open up the offense. (Something I would like to see more of from Seth). Seemed strangely reliant on his right hand while bringing the ball up but that probably won't be a reoccurring thing. Didn't see too much from him but reports from Turgeon are good and the potential is clearly there.

Smotrycz - Made three 3 pointers. His shot looks good but he didn't do too much work in the paint. Looks like a 3 dribble then shoot/pass kind of guy but with that considered he looked good and will likely start.

Seth - Nice game from him. Did a little bit of everything. Hit several shots, some nice passes, a couple steals. Seems to have nicely improved. A big time energy guy. From what I saw he will definitely start over Roddy.

Damonte - Wasn't too involved but didnt look out of place either. He had a nice and one finish and his free throw form looked decent. I would think he will play every game but be the last man off the bench. Clearly the tallest guy on the team and if he builds on his frame he could be a good contributor for us in the future.

Chuck - I don't believe he scored. Went hard after the rebounds as always. Had several turnovers (double dribble, illegal screen), which he really needs to cut down on. He will probably come off the bench in relief of Smo or Shaq.

Overall I would say the defense looked more polished and the shooting was vastly improved which will be huge for us. If Smo, Layman and Seth can hit as consistently as they did today than we should open up the paint a lot more than we did last year. Damonte and Layman are clearly the tallest btw.

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