Random thoughts and observations

I'm not a professional basketball player, coach, or analyst, nor do I play one on TV. The following are just some thoughts and observations I've been building watching the past 2 "games" (finger air quotes very heavily intended)

1. More aside from the question of who runs the point, is a question I've had about what the hell is going on on the court set play wise. Not much from what I can discern. The thing that maddens me the most about watching PH at the point is that the offense seems to consist of him waving his finger around in the air in a circle as if calling out some sort of motion play, but the team only moving the ball around the perimeter and turning it over or rushing a poor shot. He seems to spend a lot of time at the top of the key, often letting the clock come down before initiating any sort of real definitive offense. The flip side is Allen who tends to be a little more aggressive (read: reckless) but is only a frosh. Watching them dribble out the clock at the top of the key before rushing into a hurried play (resulting in a turnover or poor shot) is driving me crazy

2. Len is off to timid, slow starts. It's partly a function of the team not running the offense through him, but when they do try and get him the ball, it seems that he's bobbling the ball, rushing a drop step back, or otherwise getting pushed around down low (resulting in a turnover). Again, casual observation, but it feels like he has gotten off to very slow and sloppy starts the last two games. It's almost as if he hears the chatter and it's getting to him.

3. Weak a**, soft a**, sloppy entry passes. This is what drives me absolutely ape-sh*t bonkers. This is a pretty basic fundamental. It seems like the guards at the point of attack are just softly lobbing the ball into the key. Of course they're going to get picked off . Snap a bounce pass, push a chest pass, put some zip on the ball. It reeks of lazy and it's one of the easiest types of turnovers to eliminate. The fact that it continued after the FSU game was infuriating to watch. You have to hope and imagine that it was nailed over and over again in practice, yet it continued last night. It's like they were telegraphing what they were going to do. It's no wonder that an aggressive defense was able to force so many turnovers.

4. I don't know who is or who should start at point. With the team as currently constructed, it seems to be pick your poison. The traditional argument is that PH brings stability and experience and zero offense. None. It's painfully clear that he's in his head and his own worst enemy. So many times, you can see him line up a shot, take a step, pause at the last second, and pass. Then, as if to try and atone for it later, he rushes a poor shot. I remember the point guard who could penetrate the lane and drop great assists or otherwise score with an occasional jump shot. Allen may be tempting, but besides the inexperience, he doesn't seem to pass the eye test of a point guard (decision making and eye for the court). Athletic, quick, fearless, yes. Shooting guard yes, point guard, ehh maybe. Faust has been messed with enough. College seems to be a little late in the game to try and learn a new position without it causing more harm than good. What's the band-aid until next year (when we have another frosh to learn the college game)?

5. I want to give Turge a pass on the weak OOC schedule - most people are at least smart enough to see that many of those games were established before he got here and there's nothing he can do but to honor them. I believe from here on out, we'll see a meatier OOC schedule. For all of the love I have for GW, two of the apparent black holes on the team (PH and JP) were Gary recruits. While we have depth at the forward position, we don't have the point guard position, and unfortunately, there's just nothing we can do about it for now.

I have a genuine fear of the next stretch of 5-6 games. The last two games have to be in their heads. They got punched in the mouth and have had absolutely zero heart or response. What's to make anyone think it's going to be any different Wed against state or beyond? And once losing gets in your head (especially with a young team), it's hard to get it out.

No real point to my post, just some things that have been gnawing at me for a week or so. Anyone have thoughts?

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