Maryland Minute 9.27.12: Wale Won't Be at Maryland Madness, Answer on Wells Still Weeks Away

Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

So: no Wale, no Wells (yet), and talking about a football decommitment. Save us, Randy Edsall media savvy?

Wale will perform at Syracuse's midnight madness - so now what?
I don't know, man. I just don't know. Logic and Phil Adé performing together, maybe? But no one outside of the area cares about that. Self-professed Maryland fan Asher Roth? (Blech.) Chuck D? DMX is from Baltimore, is he still rapping?

Of course, there is only one answer: PSY.

Maryland "still a few weeks away" from an answer on Wells
So says Andy Katz, at least. I'd love to hear back before Madness, though, Wale or not.

Speaking of: Clemson transfer gets hardship waiver in strange circumstances ... hope for Dez?
But then I thought the same thing about Sam Cassell getting ruled a partial qualifier, thinking it might indicate a tougher stance and give us hope that Rodney Purvis and/or Nerlens Noel would get the hammer, too. Didn't happen. But maybe this one's different.

A BYU player, Damarcus Harrison, was going on a mission this year, but it got delayed by the church. BYU had already used up his scholarship, so he couldn't go there and he couldn't pay his own way. So, basically, an administrative body, apparently on a whim, more or less rendered him ineligible to play at his current school, and he gets a waiver? Hmmmmmmmm.

Edsall: Game slowing down for Perry Hills
Let's hope he's right and the game against West Virginia wasn't just an anomaly. I'm inclined to think he's right, actually, given Hills' relatively straight-line progression.

Randy Edsall likes improvements, displeased at Maryland’s .500 record
Is it just me, or is Randy actually saying the right things? Whoever got to him for media training did a pretty great job. Not being needlessly positive (ie, we're doing fine!) or negative (the players aren't executing, we don't have the athleticism!). Frank but positive. Of course, being optimistic may color how we view him. But he's improving here, so credit where it's due.

OL Tanner Hartman switches commitment from Terps to Penn State
Mentioned this yesterday in another story, but just ICYMI. Hartman wasn't a huge piece of Maryland's puzzle, and I'm not all that worried about finding a replacement for him. Never good to lose multiple guys, especially at the same position, in the span of days, but this doesn't rock the boat much, if at all.

Throw Isaiah Manderson on the 2014 recruit list
A 6-11 center from Georgia. The article in the tweet (IMS) is paywall'd, but increased attention is increased attention.

So, someone says that Turgeon was checking up on the Harrisons yesterday
I have no idea how legit it is. Possibility of this thing happening again. Like most everything else, don't believe anything in the recruitment. For entertainment purposes only.

But this maybe-not-true rumor is more entertaining than most maybe-not-true rumors we've suffered through as of late.

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