Maryland Minute 9.26.12: Alex Len Speaks and a Pe'Shon Recovery Update

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Wednesday's MM's got a little Len, a little Pe'Shon and a little Diggs. That's a pretty solid Terp trio if you ask me.

Big ups to Ben B. for most the links today and for holding it down during the transition to the new format. Without further ado...

Alex Len sits down for his first ever media interview
He says the first few months were rough on him because he didn't know the language or the culture, which made it difficult to both communicate and settle in. (But I'm pretty sure he got the food down pretty quickly once he discovered Boston Market.) The big difference between this year Len and last year Len: an extra 30 pounds. He won't be bullying people in the paint, but he should hold his own better than he did last season.

Rookie watch: Diggs vs. Duke - Dinich
One of either Stefon Diggs or Duke Johnson will win ACC Rookie of the Year. But Diggs is going to have to turn on the burners a bit if he's going to catch Johnson. On this note, it's a shame that Maryland doesn't play Miami this season. Diggs/Johnson should be one of the great ACC player rivalries, especially because both are hometown guys. I want to see it happen more than once.

Pe’Shon Howard expected to start practicing at full speed this week - Terrapins Insider - The Washington Post
Pe’Shon Howard is apparently ready to go full speed at practice. Good to hear. - DT

Apparently Basketball is getting new sneakers this year...and they're pretty sweet
I'm a big fan. Especially of the white ones. What say you? - BG

IMS via the Sun: Rysheed Jordan putting together plan for visits

Two of those visits will be UCLA and St. John's, which is meh for us. But the big news: he's still "likely" to visit for Maryland Madness. I'd feel a lot better if that "likely" turned into "definitely."

Maryland stats wrap: West Virginia - Washington Times
Patrick Stevens with his weekly stats wrap. I have to point something out: how in Juan's name does Stefon Diggs have fewer touches on the year than Justus Pickett, Perry Hills, Wes Brown, Brandon Ross, and Albert Reid? I know it's tough to get him the ball an' all, but when you see that statistically ... dang. I guess the good news is that he's had 16 targets, second only to Kevin Dorsey and Marcus Leak. But still.

Inside the Brooklyn Nets' Barclays Center, the most high-tech stadium in sports
Our brothers in blogs The Verge goes behind the scenes at the Barclays Center, also known as the location of Maryland's first game of the season. If you're going, check it out to get a look at what you'll see when you're there.

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