Maryland Minute 9.25.12: Stefon Diggs Named ACC Rookie of the Week, Surprises No One

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Stefon Diggs gets the first of many awards, Kenny Tate has a new name, and Perry Hills is in need of some protection.

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Diggs Named ACC Rookie of the Week
The first of very, very many, if I had to guess. Oh, and it's the second week it's gone to a Terp, after Perry Hills got it against Temple. Duke Johnson has the other two, and if I had to guess it'll be split between those three a lot this year. Tough year to be Kelvin Benjamin, man.

Important: "Kenny" Tate is dead, long live Kenneth Tate
FX got it right! That's gonna take some getting used to.

Four offensive missed opportunities stand out to Edsall
Exactly correct, and frankly I'm glad he not only realizes it but is willing to talk to the media about it. There was the Perry Hills fumble - pretty bad luck, honestly - the missed field goal, the Marcus Leak drop, and the Marcus Leak fumble. If two of those go the other way, Maryland wins. Really tough to swallow that, but it's about execution at the end of the day. Young teams struggle with it sometimes.

Terps need to address QB protection issues - Terrapins Insider
Nah. Perry Hills is WRESTLER TOUGH. I think he'll need to get his head taken off his body before he'll come off the field.

That said, yeah, some time to throw the ball would be nice. Edsall says Mike Madaras and Andrew Zeller are both going to get playing time moving forward, which Zeller especially earned with that killer downfield block on the second Diggs touchdown against WVU.

Northwestern has a Terrell Stoglin moment, suspends JerShonn Cobb for the season
Cobb wasn't hugely productive for the Wildcats, but he was a potential starter and at the very worst would've been a sixth man. Add Dezmine Wells to Maryland, take Cobb off Northwestern, and I'm thinking this one should be a fairly easy Maryland win.

The downside of this: it makes it less likely Northwestern will contend this year. And if they don't contend, that means Maryland has exactly one chance at a primo non-con win: Kentucky. Better pull that one out, fellas.

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