Maryland Minute 9.12.12 - MD on the Notre Dame Addition, Plus More on Cassell Jr.

So there were two major stories in the world of college athletics yesterday. 1: We got Notre Dame! 2. Calhoun is out! (About time). We've got more on Notre Dame from Maryland administrators and coaches, plus more on the Cassell situation and some recruiting news. Buckle up...

Notre Dame to join ACC in all sports except football and hockey -

I'm generally not a big fan of expansion but this was an absolute no brainer. With the move, the ACC becomes the best hoops conference (mens and womens), a much improved football conference (I know, the move isn't officially for football but 5 ACC games is pretty significant), and the only relevant lacrosse conference in the country. Maryland, along with the rest of the ACC, comes out as big winners in this.

Check out Jeff Barker's story for quotes from KA, Edsall and John Tillman.

NCAA denies eligibility to Myles Davis and Sam Cassell's kid -
A little more detail on the situation surrounding Sam Cassell's eligibility.

Apparently, Cassell and former teammate, Myles Davis, took the same classes at Notre Dame Prep as eight teammates who suited up for NCAA teams last season. More mind-boggling inconsistency from the NCAA. The exact same classes at the same school are counted as legitimate for some kids but not for others. #FreeCassell

Impressing Mom is priority No. 1 with the Harrisons - UK Recruiting
If you're a Harrisons feen like me, it's hard to go a day without Harrisons news. Luckily, we've got your back.

This was posted on the general thread but it's worth a read for those that didn't see it. Despite being written by a UK site, it doesn't seem all that favorable for Kentucky. Also, the first time I saw the picture of Aaron in the article, I thought it was a Terps uni. Looks natural, doesn't it?

Turgeon checking out Dwayne Morgan tomorrow
He's the consensus Top 20 power forward from St. Frances in Baltimore. Villanova, Ohio State and Texas are also expected to attend.

IMS: Terps target Roddy Peters considering visits - The Sun
He says he'll "probably be back for Midnight Madness." Add another to the list. - BB

Jeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant seems to not much like Randy Edsall
He's calling him "the Deserter." Really, man? C'mon. He saw a better job - and Maryland football is indeed a better job, don't act like it's not - and jumped at it. You can take issue with the way he left, but that's no reason to treat the man like Judas.

And yeah, I was just pushed into the uncomfortable decision of defending Randy. But as incompetent as he may seem and as annoying as he might be from time to time, he's not worthy of this level of personal hate. - BB

The UConn Blog also isn't a Randy fan
Strike me absolutely flabbergasted that Connecticut fans dislike Edsall so much. I didn't expect them to love him, but literally the only things they can complain about are things he did after he left. He doesn't have any good-will for, I don't know, building the entire program? - BB

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