2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Maryland football goals. and 2012 stats predictions

ok first off i am still pissed off my nick name thread was deleted, but thats whatever. (Very long)

my list of 10 goals of what Maryland needs to do this year 2012 first.

1.Win the winnable games, beat the likes of William and Mary, Uconn, Temple, Wakeforest, Nc state, and Boston college.

2.No Injuries, or no major injuries like last year. Stay healthy by the strength and conditioning coach getting players in the right body health and ultimate fitness.

3.Cut down on the turn overs- We have to learn on offense to keep the ball.

4.Ball Control run first offense, will really help us out alot. We have to have our running backs be able to get alot of tuff yards. and run the ball very well in the 3rd and 4th quarters to run out the clock.

5.Defense needs to attack , attack, and attack. I am tired of playing a prevent defense like we did in 2011. we need an attacking defense.

6.Speed at the skill postions, Speed at Rb, Wideout, Tight End. Quarter ,seems like we have that now.

7.Kevin Dorsey, Kerry Boykins are really going to have to step up and lead the young receivers. We will need this too to ball out and have all ACC type of years. To also give CJ Brown a go to #1 Wideout in Dorsey and a go to 3rd down wide out in Boykins.

8.Corners, Safeties really need to step up their games. and be on their horse be in the best conditioning and fitness shape of their lives to really keep of from been toasted like we were last year.

9.O line needs to block very well, they need to gel , protect the qb, and open up lanes for the young backs.

10. FIGHT, Fight, Fight,

So my Prediction wins for 2012 is 6 wins, and we get to a bowl game,.

2013 i think we win 9 games,and get to a better bowl game

2014 i say we win the ACC , 2015 we come into the season ranked top 15 and make a BCS national title run.

ok my 2012 prediction stats.

Qb = C.J Brown = 61% - 3450 yards 26 Tds, 9 ints, -405 rushing yards, 6 Tds

Rb1- Ross - 416 yards -7Tds

Rb2-Wes Brown- 595 Yards 8Tds

Rb3 -Pickett- 405 yards - 4 tds

RB4 -Albert Reid - 400 yards 4 tds

Rbs5-Riddle - 200 yards . 1 td

Fb -Tyler Cierski- 290 yards 5TD ( this one for you Eli)

WR1-Dorsey = 56- 900-7TD

Wr2-Boykins = 40-675 -5TD

Wr3-Diggs = 40-600-5TD / 2 rush Tds

Wr4-M. Leak = 20-400-2 TD

Wr5-N. king = 17- 125- 1TD

Wr6- Cheeseboro- 9-90
Wr7-D. Burn -10-120

TE1-Matt Furestburg = 33-340- 3td

Te2- Devonte Campbell = 21-280- 2Td

Te3 - Ryan Schlohauer = 9-80

Kick return 1= S. Diggs = Avg 26 yards, 1 TD, long 99 yards

KR2 =Justus Pickett= Avg 24.9 yards, long 50 yards

Punt returner =Dexter McDougle = Avg 11 yards , long 50 yards

Pr2= Stefon Diggs = Avg 14 yards, long 78 yards 1 Td

DE1= J. Vellano = 80 tackles - 7.5 tackles for loss - 3.5 sacks -3 forced fumbles

De2 = Isaiah Ross = 45 tkls - 6 TFL - 2 sks -1 Fr

De3 = Andre Monroe= 40 tkls - 9TFL- & sks -2 FF, 1 fR

De4 = Keith Bowers = 22tkls - 3Tfl- 1sk - i int

Nose Guard1= A.J Francis - 30 tkls- 3 Tfl- 1 sk

NG2= Darius Kilgo = 20 tkls - 2Tfl - 2 sks

NG3 = Nate Clarke = 15 tkls - 2 Tfl- 1 sk

Outside Linebacker1a =Alex Twine = 60 tackles -6 Tfl- 4 sks- 1 int

OUTback1b = Kenny Tate = 88tkls - 10 Tfl -6 sks -3int- 2ff - fumble returned for TD

Outback3 = Whitfield = 40 tkls - 6 tfl- 3 sks - 1ff

Outback4 = Clarence Murphy = 30 tkls - 5 tfl -2sks- 1fr

Outback5 = Darin Drackford = 68 tkls - 17 tfl -7 sks -1 ints, 1 fr

MiddleLine Backer1= Hartfield = 150 tkls - 12 TFL- 8 sacks -4 ints, 1 Td, 2 FF, 2 FR

MidBacker2 = Cole Farrand =30tkls - 5 TFL - 1 sk - 1 fr

MidBacker3 = L.A.Goree = 40 tkls - 4 TFL - 1 sk

Corner Back 1 =Dexter McDougle - 5 ints -15 pass defense -40 tackles

CB2 = Jeremiah Johnson - 3 ints , 12Pd - 39 tkls

CB3 = A,J Hendy = 3 ints - 10pd - 27 tkls

CB4 = Makinton Dorleant = 1 int - 6pd - 20 tkls

CB5 = Isaac Goins = 1int - 5 pd - 17 tkls

Safety1 = Eric Franklin = 80tkls - 5 ints - 10pd

S2= Matt Robinson = 85 tkls - 3 ints -8 pds

S3 = Clarence Claiborne = 30 tkls

S4 = Anthony Nixon = 32 tkls

Kicker = Ferrara = 88% - Long 51 - kick offs -Touch backs =5, inside the 20= 11
Punter =Nathan = Avg 44.6 -long - 68 - none blocked

Thought I would point out strengths of this team and weaknesses. And the mediums.

Strengthens are our receivers: Dorsey is pretty good possession wr. Boykins is pretty steady eddy also. Diggs is the head liner freshman 5 star recruit. (he reports Sunday July 9)
Leak and King Carolina boys are steady eddies too.
Jacobs brings alot of quickness and speed to the Table. As well as Cheeseboro he brings toughness.

strength also in the linebacker group.
Very impressed with Hartsfield and Goree. and Alex Twine is going to be a star. Kenny Tate the forgotten man. He is still top 5 most talented player on the team. I like his tackling ,and big play making ability.
Also like Darin Drakford.

Weaknesses are o line. Alot of young inexperienced tackles. Garcia leaving and RJ Dill left a huge whole at both tackle spots.
Coach Brattan is really going to earn his pay check this season. I tell you what. Also a weak spot at corner and safety. Sadly we got toasted like a Texas BBQ alot last year. And that was with senior CB,s Chism and #21.
Secondary and o line has to play better.

Hopefully with the pressure blitz defense the CB,s don't have to cover for too long.

O line need alot of 3 step drops and 5 step drops.

Any 7 step drops for CJ and he might not make it all season
I can see CJ getting roughted off alot like Jake Cutler with the Bears. No wonder coaches asked him to gain 15 pounds of muscle. Now 6'3 220 he should be able to bounce off some tackles. That's the hope anyways.

Rb is a medium. I love the young talent there , but their young. They will flash some. But also make mistakes. Can't wait to.see how Pickett and Ross have improved. And Wes Brown and Reid get some carries in the first game as well.

QB is a weakness too. Why we only have one guy who has played college football. CJ Brown, the other others Hill, and Rowe will be true freshmen..Young is seating out this year.

D-line and Tight end will be strengths.

Yep I see a come back year.

Offensive MVP = Cj Brown.
defensive Mvp = Hartsfield
Team MVP = Hartsfield
Rookie mvp= Stefon Diggs

CJ Brown needs to work on his accuracy. If he doesn't he will be pushed by both rookies. Caleb Rowe and Hill.

Rowe is a snicky Athletic QB with great QB football IQ. And he is also super accurate. Pretty much a Danny O'Brien clone.

Hill is more like CJ Brown, but his accurate too.

If Brown doesn't step up. By game 7. He could be on the bench.

At running back I really love Brandon Ross's game. Old school work horse type of rb. Speed is there too, so his the total package.
He needs to work on his pass blocking like most young backs.

That's what Justus is very good right now. Pickett is very good at pass blocking. He has some power and is tough as nails.

Rookie rb Wes Brown is a stud rb in high school. Who I feel will need 5 games to get used to the speed of the game , and work on his pass blocking then I feel he gets the starting job.

At full back we have Tyler block of iron type full back. I see him opening rushing lanes this year. Might be the strongest guy on the team.

PS- to recruits or their families, How could you not want to come play for maryland. We are the perfect combination of Big City , Sports town.Small town feel , with HUGE amount of football talent and great athletes. Kids that would have been Point guards, Sg,s and under sizes Power fowards in the DMV are now playing football.

Maryland = games, 2.give Locksley a 10 year contract,3. Profit like a boss.

Meek Mill - I'm a Boss (Remix) (via LilJan1994)

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