Maryland Football Depth Chart for William & Mary Released: Ross, Diggs, Farrand to Start

July 23, 2012; Greensboro, NC, USA; The helmet of the Maryland Terrapins and the ACC Championship trophy during the ACC media day at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro NC. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE

Via Randy Edsall's Twitter account, we now have access to Maryland's depth chart for the opening week match-up against William & Mary that is now just days away. The youth movement appears to be in full effect. Let's take a look.


  1. Perry Hills - FR
  2. Caleb Rowe - FR OR Devin Burns - SO (RS)

No surprise here. When C.J. Brown got hurt, Hills was already his back-up, and was named the starter just days later. Burns is likely still adjusting back to the quarterback position, and Rowe could see some spot playing time.


  1. Brandon Ross - FR (RS)
  2. Justus Pickett - SO

Looks like the rumors were true. The whispers out of camp said Ross was impressive and had surprisingly won out the starting job, and here we have it. Notably absent - star true freshmen Wes Brown and Albert Reid.


  1. Tyler Cierski - SO
  2. Jeff Hernandez - SR OR Kenneth Goins Jr. - FR

Again, no surprises here. Cierski is the man, and Goins should probably win out the back-up spot soon.

Wide Receiver-X:

  1. Kevin Dorsey - SR (RS)
  2. Nigel King - FR (RS)

King moves over from the three-way battle at WR-Z, and now he'll back up the Terps' number one receiver.

Wide Receiver-A:

  1. Kerry Boykins - SR (RS)
  2. Stefon Diggs - FR

Whoa whoa whoa, HEY there Mr. Diggs! Now, the headline wasn't false, so don't kill me (we'll get to that later). Nice to see Diggs on the two-deep already, and he should get plenty of opportunities to play.

Wide Receiver-Z:

  1. Marcus Leak - SO
  2. Tyrek Cheeseboro - FR (RS)

Looks about right. Leak was the only one of the three battling at this position with any collegiate experience. That is a very solid set of six wide receivers.

Tight End:

  1. Matt Furstenburg - SR (RS)
  2. Devonte Campbell - SR (RS)

A little surprised not to see Stinebaugh here, but it's hard to complain about these two.

Left Tackle:

  1. Nick Klemm - JR (RS)
  2. Mike Madaras - FR

Whoa whoa whoa! Madaras coming in hot, beating out Jake Wheeler on the two-deep. I can dig it.

Left Guard:

  1. Bennett Fulper - SR
  2. Nick Brigham - FR

Brigham's presence here is less of a surprise, thanks to a rash of guard injuries, but still good to see.


  1. Sal Conaboy - SO (RS)
  2. Evan Mulrooney - FR (RS)

Nothing to see here.

Right Guard:

  1. De'Onte Arnett - JR (RS)
  2. Andrew Zeller - FR (RS)

Zeller moves to the inside to help create some depth while the injured players recover.

Right Tackle:

  1. Justin Gilbert - SR (RS)
  2. Ryan Doyle - FR (RS)

No surprises. Glad Gilbert's healthy.

Defensive End:

  1. Joe Vellano - SR (RS)
  2. Quinton Jefferson - FR

Hey remember when we had seven capable defensive ends?

Defensive End:

  1. A.J. Francis - SR (RS)
  2. Justin Anderson - JR

Yeah, now we have three (four if you're counting A.J., who I imagine will move back to nose tackle as soon as possible). Andre Monroe, Keith Bowers, and Isaiah Ross are all hurt, and Ian Evans left the program.

Nose Tackle:

  1. Darius Kilgo - SO (RS)
  2. Alex Walker - SO

Yikes. Kilgo's a big body, so here's hoping he can stuff up the middle of the O-Line.


  1. Alex Twine - SO
  2. Avery Thompson - FR

With Kenny Tate hurt, this looks about right. Twine is great, so no complaints.


  1. Cole Farrand - SO (RS)
  2. L.A. Goree - SO (RS)

Now here's the real surprise. Farrand solely played on special teams last season, while Goree put up a massive year for a freshman.


  1. Demetrius Hartsfield - SR (RS)
  2. Bradley Johnson - JR (RS)

Your daily reminder that Demetrius Hartsfield is a beast.


  1. Darin Drakeford - SR (RS)
  2. Marcus Whitfield - JR (RS)

All of these injuries, and Marcus Whitfield, he with the chronically bum knee, stays healthy?! All power to him, glad to see him on the field.


  1. Jeremiah Johnson - SO (RS)
  2. Alvin Hill - FR

With Isaac Goins and A.J. Hendy hurt, sometimes you just gotta go with Alvin Hill.


  1. Dexter McDougle - JR (RS)
  2. Makinton Dorleant - FR (RS)

We've talked about on TT before, but McDougle really has all the tools to have a great year. He's a fantastic playmaker in the secondary.

Free Safety:

  1. Eric Franklin - SR (RS)
  2. Anthony Nixon - FR

Unless I missed an Undray Clark injury (entirely plausible), it's a bit surprising to see Nixon up here. He's a good player, so no complaints.

Strong Safety:

  1. Sean Davis - FR
  2. Clarence Claiborne - SR


That's...that's not pleasant. They don't really have another choice, but a true freshman from a small school and a walk-on does not a solid duo make. Usually, that is. We'll see what happens.


  1. Brad Craddock - FR
  2. Brendan Magistro - FR


  1. Brad Craddock - FR OR Nathan Renfro - FR (RS)

Long Snapper:

  1. Greg Parcher - JR
  2. Christian Carpenter - FR

If one of these guys was Australian, I would be so happy.


  1. Nathan Renfro - FR (RS)
  2. Michael Tart - SO (RS)

Wait, so Tart is healthy? Why isn't he punting? Don't care, I'm going to continue shouting "Aussie Aussie Aussie".

Punt Returner:

  1. Stefon Diggs - FR
  2. Dexter McDougle - JR (RS)


Kick Returner:

  1. Stefon Diggs - FR
  2. Brandon Ross - FR (RS)


Happy Monday, y'all.

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