Incomplete Entries for the Recruiting Competition

This post pertains to the 2013 basketball recruiting competition.

If you made an entry on the original post, which only listed 5 recruits, but have not made an entry on the second post, which listed an additional 5 recruits, your entry is not complete!

If you're confused, follow the links to the fanposts and hopefully that will answer your questions. After reading those posts (and this one), feel free to ask me if you still have any questions.

Below i have listed the 13 participants who still need to make an entry for the second set of recruits. If you are one of these 13, please finish your entry. If you are not one of these 13, but see one of them make a comment on some other post on TT in the near future, please direct them to this fanpost, i would greatly appreciate it.

Participants who need to make entries for the second set of recruits:

Terp Hoops Fan









Womp Womp



RJ White

I originally said the deadline for the second set of entries would be tonight (wednesday the 15th). However, i think it is highly doubtful that all 13 listed above will see this and finish their entries in the following few hours. So, i have to decided to push back the deadline for the second set of recruits to 11:59PM friday night, the 17th. To keep things fair, if you already made your entry for the second set, you are of course still allowed to change any of those picks between now and tomorrow night if you wish to do so. The first set of five recruits is sealed, done, and locked into place. That deadline passed monday night, so no changes to those picks.

Other important facet of this whole thing: i am not going to disqualify anybody from this competition. Any incomplete entries will be... well, left as that, incomplete. Obviously, the downside to that is those entries will have a much smaller chance of winning this competition than the complete entries. I will keep score for everybody who has made an entry in this competition. Every entry that has been made, complete or incomplete, currently has a spot on my spreadsheet. Nobody is being deleted. Incomplete entries just unfortunately will be at a significant disadvantage.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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