2013 Bball Recruiting Competition Important Update/Change

First of all, i would like to apologize for the inconvenience and confusion that this may create. Since i want TT's recruiting competitions to be as fun, challenging, exciting, and, perhaps most importantly, as much of a competition as they can be, i have decided to tweak the 2013 basketball recruiting competition that i just posted yesterday (the 10th).

In my opinion, a significant part of a competition is determining a winner. Or, in some cases, winners. A problem that i have come to realize with the 2013 bball competition is that with so many contestants and so few targets (only 5, whereas all the other competitions have been 10), we have many similar entries, some identical. Especially when you consider that everybody thus far has Roddy Peters to Maryland, its as if we only have 4 targets. Basically what this means is that when all is said and done, we will end up with a number of people with the same number of correct picks at the top. In other words, we will have a ton of winners. I don't mind too much if the competitions wind up with two/three winners (our inaugural competition is going to have two winners), but having close to, or even actual double digit winners is not something i desire.

So, enough mamble jamble. Here is what i have decided to do. In addition to the five targets that were posted in the original fanpost, i have elected to add another five players to the competition. They aren't exactly Maryland targets, but rather highly ranked recruits that you should be able to find plenty of information on (a few of them have been connected to Maryland in the past). If you wish to be in the competition, you need to predict schools for all ten contestants. The five in the first post, along with the five in this post. I realize that this is a bit sloppy, but i am trying to make these competitions as fun as possible. And in my opinion, ten targets will make for a much better competition than just five. My fault for not realizing that earlier.

After quite a bit of thought and going back and forth, i have decided to set the entry deadline for these five targets to 11:59PM august 15th. That is wednesday night, which, yes, is different from the deadline for the original five targets. Again, sloppy, i know. Here is my thinking: there is a specific reason that i set the original deadline to monday night. Some of you may be aware of this reason. Has something to do with tuesday. But since i don't want to show my hand as to possibly create an unfair advantage, i won't mention what that is. Most of you can probably figure it out though. And to be honest, it really wouldn't change much if i did say what it was. But anyways, since i do not want to push that deadline back, the deadline for the original five targets will remain 11:59PM monday night. The deadline for these targets however, will be later because i want to allow everyone who has made an entry in the first post to have the chance to see this and make an entry in this post as well, thus being qualified for the competition.

So without further ado, the additional five targets:

Jabari Parker

Julius Randle

Beejay Anya

Kennedy Meeks

Kameron Williams

Sorry for writing a book, sorry for the sloppiness and any inconvenience. If you have any questions, ask away.

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