Football Recruiting Competition Update

Since the commencement of the football recruiting competition, we have had four targets make their college decisions. The first, Marcus Newby, committed just after the deadline and the results of his committment (as it pertains to our competition) were included in this post. This week alone we have seen three more of our targets commit. First, Paul Harris chose Tennessee. Then, Taivon Jacobs chose Ohio State. Finally, just a short while ago, Kingsley Opara announced that he will be attending Maryland. Quick side note: thank goodness we didn't go 0/3 this week. Terp Nation baby. Details about the impact these three decisions have on the recruiting competition can be found below.

20% correctly predicted Paul Harris to Tennessee:
Seaville81 ... Ben Broman ... Proposition Joe Smith ... Maryland1206 ... MrTerpNC
Congrats to those five.

4% Correctly predicted Taivon Jacobs to Ohio State:
terpskin and... thats it
Congrats to terpskin for gaining a pick on literally the entire field.

36% correctly predicted Kingsley Opara to Maryland:
bking38 ... fballplyr92 ... MemphisRaines ... CA_Terps_Fan ... proudterp ... Retriever Terp ... terpsfinish ... terpfan92 ... FearTheTurtle
Thank you Kingsley for giving our 2013 class a BA name, a heck of a football player, and saving us Terp fans from a miserable week.

No huge leaders so far. Nobody has more than 2/4 correct, and there are 8 contestants with that 50% score, so we've got quite a logjam at the top.

Current scores:
UMTerp2010: 0/4
Chad Ahalt: 1/4
bking38: 2/4
fballplyr92: 1/4
fatchris: 0/4
MemphisRaines: 2/4
Seaville81: 1/4
curterp: 0/4
Ben Broman: 1/4
CA_Terps_Fan: 1/4
HughGR: 0/4
gossindm: 0/4
proudterp: 1/4
Proposition Joe Smith: 2/4
terpskin: 1/4
Retriever Terp: 1/4
Dirty_Terps: 1/4
mdterp: 0/4
Maryland1206: 2/4
terpfromnh: 0/4
terpsfinish: 2/4
MrTerpNC: 2/4
terpfan92: 2/4
FearTheTurtle: 2/4
mdak06: 0/4

No idea who of the remaining six targets is scheduled to make their decision next, but hopefully we'll get some more Terrapin flavor in this competition to follow Kingsley up.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions about the competition. And if i made an error on anybody's score, feel free to scream, yell, and throw things at me.

Anything deemed inappropriate will be deleted by an admin or moderator with the power to do so. The views of the above FanPost do not represent the beliefs of Testudo Times or Testudo Times' authors, nor are they the work of them.

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