TT Football Recruiting Competition

Welcome to Testudo Times' first ever football recruiting competition. This will be just like the basketball recruiting competition except, ofcourse, for football. I never really planned on a doing a football version, but clearly the hype around the program recently has inspired me.

If you don't know how the competition works, its very simple. Below is a list of ten recruits that Maryland is currently targeting. For each player, guess which school you think he will go to. Deadline for entries is 11:59PM Sunday July 1st. That gives everybody the rest of the week and the weekend to put in however much time you want to into this to make your picks. If anybody is terribly busy through sunday and wants additional time, just let me know, i wouldn't mind pushing the deadline back a bit.


Taivon Jacobs

Paul Harris

Na'Ty Rodgers

Augustus Edwards

Lucas Wilson

Marcus Newby

Kingsley Opara

Kendall Fuller

Michael Parker

Anthony Covington


If any of the ten players commits to a school before the deadline for entries is up, they will NOT count towards the competition. Even if on friday you correctly post that x chooses y and then on saturday x does indeed choose y, that will not count. The competition will simply have 9 targets instead of 10.

Yes, i know Michael Parker has basically committed to Maryland already. However, seeing as how none of the professional resources have recognized it, I decided to include him. I think of it as a bit of a wildcard. I expect that most everybody, if not everybody, will predict Parker to Maryland. However, if anybody is willing to gamble that he goes somewhere else and gets that somewhere else correct, that would be a significant boost to their score over everybody elses. Spice things up, ya know? And hopefully, having Parker in the competition will also allow the competition to have a fair amount of Maryland flavor, ala Shaq in the basketball competition.

Every single one of these players is on Ben's big board. So if you're looking for some information on them, that would be a good place to start (or end).

Just as i did for the basketball competition, i will place everybody's predictions into a spreadsheet and then post that spreadsheet on here for everybody to see once the deadline for entries has closed.

Again, the deadline for entries is 11:59PM on sunday July 1st. Goodluck, i'm hoping to see lots of entries and some nice, fun, friendly competition :)

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