Terps Basketball Outlook 2012

With Stoglin suspended and gone to the NBA, does anyone agree with me that the outlook for the upcoming season is still the same if not better (in some ways)?

Here are the facts/opinions/rationale (open to counter arguments)

  • The incoming class combined with Faust + Len is talented enough to replace Stoglin's scoring (In my opinion)
  • The post game will be vastly improved between the development of Len and the additions of Cleare and Mitchell
  • We will match up better against opposing ACC front courts given our new found depth in the front court.
  • As a result of a stronger front court, the offense could potentially run more smoothly for Pe' / Allen now that we have a post game (This is the key to replacing stoglin's production as it makes the backcourt that much more effective - case in point, look at Peshon's production with Jordan Williams vs. without.)
  • An improved post game will open up more looks from the 3 point line (big IFon whether we have enough knock-down shooters).
  • If we can hit our 3's then there are more open lanes for slashing and dribble penetration resulting in more assists and open shots. (we will have to see)
  • Mark Turgeon is an X's and O's coach and now he will have some talent to coach.
  • Having a selfish player off the team is a huge lift for team culture. Having unselfish and smart players who trust each other and put the team first is a foundation for a high performance team.
Considering all these factors, this is what changed.
  • The team culture improved (I think this is big)
  • PG's run an effective offense with the new bigs. (nothing changed here)
  • Can we hit 3's? (nothing changed)
  • We lose our best scorer (new)
  • Can Stoglin fit into a balanced offense and distribute (don't need to worry about it!)
Given these factors, I'm rather optimistic. Thoughts?

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