ESPN article on Edsall: "Looks to right the ship"

[Ed's note from Ben: Changed the title, which was sort-of trolling and cut off discussion on a piece really deserving of it. I want to keep the post up to keep the discussion here confined to this single post, bu I don't want the discussion to devolve into "EDSALL GOOD U NO FAN" and "EDSALL BAD U HOMER." As it was, this thread was on a one-way train that direction, but the article is deeper and deserves more than that. So let's try to keep that from happening, eh?]

ESPN just put up an article on their website about Maryland Football and Randy Edsall. I for one have been an Edsall supporter and think he should be given the length of his contract to prove whether he is an ACC worthy coach. Obviously if nothing improves over the first 3 or 4 years and we maintain a 2-3 win team then there will be changes made, but until then I think support is the necessary approach for Terps fans. The main thing that fans and schools dont consider is transistion and I think this article highlights a lot that many fans on here overlooked or fell upon a deaf ear. By the way this is on the front page of the College FB page on ESPN.

Here is the link:

Just to touch on some key points in the article:

- First, the statement about having players that want to be Terps and have Maryland Pride are the players that are here, I like hearing that we need dedicated Terps.

- The total transfer number is 24 since Edsall stepped on Campus last January, that seems like a lot, but UVA's Mike London had more then 24 players transfer when he first took over the Hoos job. So obviously Edsall is not the only one.

- Edsall got blindsided by Maryland with the scholarship and reduction of practice time sanctions is pretty pathetic by the University not to communicate. Those are two tough things to deal with when you are the "new guy".

- The first two semesters team GPA under Edsall is the highest it has been in 8 years. I for one like the fact that we are actually holding our student/athletes accountable in the classroom something Ralph..cough..cough..didnt do!

I know the end number that matters in everyone's eyes as a fan is WINS. I feel like this team will suprise some just like the 2010 team did. Give the guy a chance and with a recruiting work horse like Locks things may be even better then under Fridge.

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