TTRC Update: Post Amile Commit

All of this pertains to the Testudo Times Recruiting Competition

The last time i posted an update to this was back in November, after the Mitch McGary commit. Since then, Robert Carter committed (nobody had him to GaTech, so no update) and now, Amile Jefferson has committed, meaning that we only have one recruit in our competition left to decide. Quick sidenote: Amile was one of my favorite recruits that MD was pursuing at some point. I really like his game and his attitude/demeanor from what i have seen. Seems to be very level headed. Does not appear to be a guy that you would have to worry about off the court. Ofcourse, he sided with the devil and now we must root against him.

Anyways, back to the competition. Torian Graham is the last man standing from our original 10 recruit pool. His recruiting story is... well, complicated. My best guess at this point is that he will prep and end up as a 2013 recruit, but who really knows. If you look at the current results of the competition (listed below), you'll get a feel for how his decision could sway the final standings. And for the record, nobody had Amile to Puke.

Current standings after Amile Jefferson's commitment:

jettro: 2/9 ... Kentucky

CharlesDriesell: 2/9 ... Maryland

KonartisNupe: 2/9 ... Nc State

johnnyrobs13: 3/9 ... Kentucky

spideyguy0: 2/9 ... Kentucky

terps97: 3/9 ... Maryland

Snappin Terp: 3/9 ... Louisville

terpsallday: 2/9 ... Puke

Ben Broman: 4/9 ... Kentucky

Charlotte NC Terp: 2/9 ... Kentucky

#1terpsfan: 2/9 ... Georgetown

bball purist: 1/9 ... North Carolina

Ben Goldstein: 3/9 ... Maryland

kckb8: 1/9 ... Nc State

terpfarms78: 3/9 ... Kentucky

space_: 2/9 ... Maryland

Glory801: 4/9 ... Kentucky

rquidas: 3/9 ... Maryland

Guide: Each participant is followed by their score. After their score i listed the school that they predicted Graham would commit to.

Analysis: Broman and Glory are locked into a first place tie. They both have Graham to Kentucky, so neither can gain on the other. There are six participants with one less correct pick than Broman and Glory. Two of those six also have Graham to UK, which means they cannot catch the leaders. Three of the six have Graham to UMD, which is dead at this point, so they (seemingly) cannot catch the leaders. The last of the six with one less correct than the leaders is Snappin Terp who has Graham going to Louisville. I have heard absolutely no buzz about that connection, so it is probably safe to assume that will not happen and thus nobody will catch Broman and Glory. So while i will hold off on crowning a champion, it appears we already know who our crystal ball owners are.

Last thing: if Graham does indeed reclassify to 2013, i will take that as the end of the competition and release the final standings. Everybody's score will just list ?/9 rather than ?/10. In other words, nothing will change from the scores above. If he chooses a school for 2012, then ofcourse that will also mark the end of the competition and the final standings will show scores out of all 10 recruits.

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