Maryland Basketball Scholarship Situation: 2013 and Beyond

Since I can safely say that the 2012 Maryland Men's Basketball recruiting class is signed, sealed and delivered, we can now access the scholarship situation for the future. First off congrats to Turge, Bino, Spins and that other guy oh yeah Captain "DUI" aka Dalonte Hill. Sorry for the harassment of Hill if anyone takes offense I dont care. Hill was heralded as the savior of recruiting for the Terps and he has yet to deliver any positive news, only bringing negative pub for the Terps with his involvement with KSU and the DUI situation.

Anyhow let's focus on the success. Currently Maryland is #16 in ESPN 2012 Team Rankings and #14 in Rivals. Not to shabby for the first year for the new regime. There were some big names that Maryland missed on, but I am more then happy with the complimentary style of game play these six bring. Its nice to be relevant again with national recruiting ranks, though that doesnt equal success in the win column, that's where Turge's great coaching ability kicks in.

I know in many of the posts, there have been concerns with the scholarship situation moving forward since Maryland technically only has Padgett as a Senior this year, which means one scholarship is available for the incoming class of 2013, which Maryland seems to be high on dozens of top recruits. I know this has been said, and to avoid this being posted over and over in the comments, if the Twins were to pick Maryland the staff would free up scholarships anyway possible to grant their wish to be Terps. It seems to be common knowledge that Dodd will be accepting a Redshirt his freshman year, which makes absolute sense since he seems he needs to mature his game and get the experience vs. high level competition. Also Evan Smot's needs to sit out a year and will join the Terps as a Junior on the court next year.

So here is how I figure the 13 available scholarships and what we are looking at moving forward for future recruiting classes:

Seniors(2013): James Padgett

Juniors(2014): Terrell Stoglin*, Pe'Shon Howard

Sophomores(2015): Nick Faust, Evan Smot's, Ashton Pankey, Alex Len*

Freshman(2016): Sam Cassell Jr, Shaq Cleare, Seth Allen, Jake Layman, Charles MItchell

Incoming/Redshirts (2017): Damonte Dodd(RS)

The year indicates when the player will use up the last of their eligibility. I know Evan Smot's is a Junior, but he wont play until next year, so he is linked with our current Sophs and Dodd will essentially be a Freshman for the Twins class if he does in fact redshirt. I have asterisks by Stogs and Len's name because they are two players who may not be back next year because of going pro, which Len almost seems to be gone if early NBA Mock Drafts can be held valid. The last I saw Len was the #7 pick, if he stays there I would be upset if he didnt go Pro. Stogs will be interesting to see what he does at the end of the year, but I am happy he is back for his Junior campaign and that's what I will focus on.

So if nothing changes and no one leaves early or transfers (which I could actually see Pankey leave after this year if he doesnt play much and thats a true possibility given the depth), the team only has 1 scholarship available for the 2013 class and I highly doubt Turge will settle with one, obviously like I mentioned above if the Twins commit both will have a scholarship available, by retracking a scholarship from another player. Some see taking a scholarship from a current player is frowned upon, but let's get real here, if the Twins want to come then Dodd would be my first pick. Let's hope that doesn't come and I feel that there will be two or three scholarships available for the 2013 class.

I hope this assists in everyone's question about the scholarship situation? What are your thoughts on what Maryland does for the 2013 class. I honestly can see only having one scholarship available and we bring in a guard, like Jordan/Robinson and call it a day. I dont feel good on landing the Twins especially since they have prolonged the decision and I would venture to say they will commit in the spring of next year. It will be interesting to see what the upcoming season holds and all I can say is FEAR THE TURGE!!!

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