Can Stefon Diggs play Receiver and Corner for Us?

Let me start by saying i know Diggs is a receiver by trade, and thats what we recruited him for. And thats all good and dandy, but i have watched his Jr ,Sr highlight tape about 100 times lol.

So over 40 hours of tape of this guy. And let me tell you if he were strickly a Corner he would be a 5 star corner. Were Maryland we arent Alabama or Florida state with Depth everywhere 8 deep at Cb or Receiver. why not use Diggs as a Charles Woodson , Chris Gamble, Champ Bailey like player. Dont give him a position just have him as a X-Factor on the team. On Defense, Offense , Special teams. i have watched Woodson. Bailey, Chris Gamble and this guys did aton for their college teams. So in fact making their teams better , so if they only played one side of the ball. So you ask ok Tj (my name is TJ) lets have Diggs as Player X factor

Ok if i were Coach Edsall this is how i would use Diggs on all 3 side of the ball. Lets say we are playing West Va Sept 22. we all know how they love to spread the field wide , with Austin and Bailey and their other 4-6 receiver. Why not have Dexter cover Austin , then Diggs cover the #2 outside receiver and the next best athlete receiverr for west va. Since we have Jeremiah Johnson and Goins. out there we know their good cover people. But they dont have the pure Athletism to stay step for step, And lets be honest.50% of a corner's job is just staying with your guy step for step and not given the Qb any room to make a throw. Diggs can do that in his sleep. ok Let me explain how confident i am in Diggs as a Corner. If Dexter got hurt (god forbid) And had an ACL injury and was lost for the season. I would move Diggs to #1 Corner on the Team in a heart beat.

So what am i saying. I wouldnt use Diggs at Cb every game. but when we are playing Spread teams like Wake Forest, West va , Clemson , Nc State. Teams that love to spread you out wide. i would put Diggs out there covering the 2nd best Wideout , Let Dexter get the other team #1 guy.

Ok on offense i would have a Diggs package of plays like Florida had with Harvin and just toss to ball to him from the slot or as a RB in the spread set. Jet sweeps, And Diggs in the slot. And Diggs outside also running Randy Moss like 9 routes , And Posts routes. I mean having Diggs to a creative offensive Cordinator like Locksley is like given John Lucas CGI grafics its awesome.

And on specia l teams have Diggs return kicks and punts. about 60% of the time. And in this way the team gets better. WHy? We improve our coverage abilty on defense covering speed athletes the type Florida state, Clemson, West Va have. We become super flexible, by letting Jeremiah Johnson , and Goins Cover better skilled recevier with less athletic abilty your also able to move your secondary people around to confuse the Qb's and Receivers, or evencovering Rb's out of the back field or Flex speed tight ends. (they dont know who is Corner or satfey). Also Wouldnt mind using Diggs as a cover Saftey at spot times in the game. 4th quarter in a Ed Reed, Eric Berry type of way. Am of the school of when you have a special type of athlete you use him , in as many ways as you can. Diggs is looking to stay at Maryland 3 years they bounce to the NFL. So why not maximizes all his talents and gifts. So what does everyone thing about my idea?

Diggs 2011 flim. aka the blue print

Chris Gamble playing both ways at OSU

Charles Woodson playing both ways at Michigan.

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