TerpNation Student Athlete Memories: Off the Field/Court

I hear stories every now and then from everyone's 'glory days' back in College Park. The stories often include random encounters with student athletes. Some are just random athletes and some are from high profile kids. It always amazes me how humble they are. Some of these off the court or field stories are great to hear.

After reading bball purists fanshot about Tahj Holden I started thinking about how many great stories are out there. So h/t to bball purist! A couple of my stories are below and I've also included bball purists from the Tahj fanpost. Hopefully, everyone can add to this for all to enjoy! I can't wait to hear them!

rquidas story #1:

When 'Mecca' was first built back in (i believe it was) 1997, my friends and I saw a couple of the guys from the men's basketball team in the pool. 'Mecca' was the name we assigned to the new Recreation center because of its greatness! We were climbing the stairs and looked towards the pool and saw Rodney Elliott and Obinna Ekezie floating about. Obinna was looking really awkward stuffed into a small round tube. Our immediate reaction when seeing them was to give the Obinna 'O' sign. Obinna gave it right back while floating in his little tube! Hilarious

rquidas story #2:

My wifes brother often parties in College Park on the weekends, even though he has never attended the University. He is deaf and a little out of control at times. He tends to get pretty intoxicated, often causing trouble. A couple of months ago my wife and I took her father and her brother to a Maryland basketball game. Her brother kept signing something about one of the basketball players giving him a ride home when he was too drunk to drive the week before. During the game he points out Berend Weijs and signs "thats him, Weijs. He drove my car home last weekend because no one else knew how to drive a manual." So come to find out, and this is according to him, Berend Weijs drove his car back to his house for him and a friend of Berends followed to pick Berend up. My wifes brother said Berends legs were almost above the dashboard. Apparently, it was pretty funny. I couldn't even believe the story. Berend is cleary a great guy.

bball purist story:

Tahj recognized my friends and me, told us (playin’ around) that he felt bad we didn’t have a sign for him (we were doing signs all the time w/ the 2 hours of waiting around pre-game in Cole). My friend told him we’d get one going for him next game – hence my (deceased) friend’s creation of "Tahj – Lahj and in Charge!) – next game, Tahj saw it and smiled … he’s one of the most pleasant, friendly Terps players I’ve ever met. A gentle giant… but tough sob on the court.

Bonus Picture of a couple of my friends and I in Cole - 1999:

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