Confessions from a Cubicle - Recruiting Summary

Its been an extremely slow day today. Mine has been especially shitty. I had to cut that $288 check to Raleigh for "texting and driving" that I received a month ago on my way back to Charlotte. The officer asked me what I was doing so I said texting my GF who was lost in charlotte... I didnt think saying that I was blogging on a MD Terps site would get me anywhere in NC State Territory.

Anyways, its been pretty slow in the recruiting world. Not really much news to report. There are a few things that we can discuss that some might not have seen as the posts were deleted yesterday.

Charles Mitchell -- His GF posted a picture of him decked out in UA gear on his way home from his MD visit. Why is this important you may ask.... Well A) its pretty cool that the caption above the picture said #TerpNation wore him out. B) She herself was on campus this past weekend for her own reasons. I cant confirm if she is being recruited for the womens team or if she is just a student. Either way we might have a package deal on our hands.... sounds good to me. Based on the posts last night, it appears that Miami and Wake are other options for her. Nothing on FSU which is a positive, being that some believe Mitchell is a FSU lean.

Cassell JR - His team lost today and he is done w HS ball. Look for his recruitment to ramp up. I personally still believe that he will end up at UCONN.

Wood - He has been MIA since his visit on Sunday. I havent been able to find anything on whether he enjoyed the visit or any other schools involved. Honestly, I expected a verbal to follow his visit this past weekend so I am slightly confused.

Dodd- Im not going to bother posting the extremely disappointing video of his 31 and 30 game on this post. For those that think he can contribute next year, I would suggest searching for it on youtube. This guy is far from NCAA ready. I will stand by my prediction that he doesnt qualify academically and ends up in Prep school. I dont think he ends up every being a Terp.

Twins - No news on an upcoming visit. Extremely disappointed that they were not able to make the UVA game.

Jordan - Well I think we need to make a move one way or the other. We are falling behind to Temple in his recruitment. He is at Temple games weekly... the move to the Big East can do nothing but help his opinion of Temple. Playing in a lackluster bball conference is something we can no longer discredit Temple for. ACC > Big East, but Big East is still top 3/4 in basketball conferences... something new for Temple.

Robinson - nothing new in his recruitment

Jaren Sina - offers have been pooring in left and right. He is further down our list and I dont think at this point MD is seriously involved with him.

Well thats pretty much all I have at this point in time. My prediction for the 2012 and 2013 class (just for fun) is as follows:

2012 : Allen, Layman, Cleare, Mitchell, Wood

2013: Robinson, Etou, & Rashawn Powell (PG).

Jordan - Temple, Twins - Kentucky, Sina- Butler, Tyler Ennis - Syracuse, Meeks - UNC, Anya - Indiana

I think we get drug around by the twins and miss out on really showing Jordan that he is our focal point. Temple wins out and at that point our best option is Powell.

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