Hey, Remember ACC Expansion? It's Back

Well, at least the ever popular rumor mill is back.

In particular, there are two rumors courtesy of the Rumble Seat (courtesy of G-Tech's blog)

The first rumor is that the ACC is (once again) putting on the full court press to get Notre Dame into the conference. Which is actually makes more sense than you'd think. The ACC is more of a cultural fit than the B1G. Consider that most of Notre Dame's Alumni reside on the East Coast, especially in the ever elusive media market that is New York City. Also, Notre Dame wants a home for it's Olympic sports for which the ACC is better suited. (YOU HEAR THAT KA?)

But here's what caught me off guard, they claim the ACC is going all out on Notre Dame and Rutgers. That sound you hear is UConn crying itself to sleep as they have suddenly become the football "power" in the Big East.

Rumor number two is worth mentioning, but I have a hard time believing it.

there's a rumor with a little more smoke than the other one mentioned that involves said four-letter TV network pushing on the Big Ten (or so) to add Notre Dame, Rutgers, Maryland, and Georgia Tech by the year 2016

After some of the officiating in hoops this year, I have a hard time justifying why, but I'm still ACC for life (the ACC's life not mine).

This rumor seems a bit more far fetched especially when you consider that the idea ENSP (or something like that) is behind this push by the B1G 10. For one the ACC is the only conference for which they have exclusive broadcasting rights, I doubt they would be pushing to destroy a conference that (according to DeFilippo) they helped create.

They also mention that the SEC would also go on to court Maryland and NCState. Putting my ACC for life bias aside, this would mean getting throttled in football every week and a substantially weaker academic and basketball conference. If you think we have attendance issues with an ACC slate; I can only imagine it getting worse with an SEC slate. However, the money the SEC would provide, might actually be worth it? Especially if we get NCState or Vandy as a designated rival.

Also, it means James Franklin can finally be the head coach at a game in College Park.

Testudo Times, assess.

Just saw this up on BC SBNation Blog

From BC Interruption regarding the source of this rumor:

from's Kelly Quinlan. Quinlan apparently has some connects with ESPN and sounds like the rumor-mill is churning once again.

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