Rysheed Jordan/2013 Guards, Post-Cassell Commitment

Over the last two weeks, I've been thinking a lot about Maryland's guard situation for now and the future (probably thinking far too much about it) because of the heating up of many different recruiting options as well as the end of the season and the uncertainly of Stoglin's future as well as others (Parker?). I was initially excited about the potential of grabbing Sam Cassell, became enamored with Josh Gray and the transfer possibilities, and liked what I saw of Wilbut/Hall and others. Obviously today, all of the uncertainty surrounding the future of Maryland guards was cleared up for this year at least. I'm ecstatic to have gotten Sam Cassell Jr. and he grows on me more and more as I think about how he fits into the system.

However, as a wise scholar once said (actually, I'm totally making this up), "The train of recruiting never stops rolling." So with that, I would like to turn our attentions for this FanPost to the future.

We all know that guard play is essential to any basketball team, and I'd argue even more important to a college team. While I like the potential of Cassell and Seth Allen, I don't think a national championship team can be run with either of those two as our point guards. We all know about the possibility of landing the Harrison Twins in 2013, but we only sometimes mention the possibility of securing Rysheed Jordan.

I won't go into the details about him since they've been covered at depth. He seems like more of a pure point than those two even though his scoring and slashing prowess is highly-regarded, and his strengths especially seem to revolve around the fastbreak and a high-tempo style of offense. No doubt, he is a fantastic player that would be awesome to have.

The issue is, we now are left with only 1 official scholarship open for 2013. For the sake of argument, we'll say that two will be open since it's likely that Stogs will leave at the very least. Moreover, Rysheed says he wants to commit in July, and every recent article seems to reinforce that (here's one, from InsideMDsports). How do we balance the need to secure a guy with talent like Rysheed with the potential of grabbing players like the Twins? (Yes, I know many would take a Rysheed/Stanford Robinson pairing in a heartbeat)

So, a few questions arise...

1. As much as the Maryland coaching staff urges Rysheed to "take his time" perhaps in the hopes to find out more about the Harrison Twins, how can they balance the wishes of the two without putting their reputation as genuine in danger?

2. If Rysheed commits, do we have any shot left with the Twins? (In terms of scholarships, maybe a guy like Allen decides to transfer out). Would it be possible/worth it to have all?

3. This is the most interesting one for me. As much as I love Rysheed, do the things we know about Turgeon's system hurt his worth to Maryland? I think this article sums up the style pretty well, even though I think our pace actually increased somewhat this season from Turgeon's past years (I don't have the stats to prove it, just my untrained observation), and it seemed like Pe' especially constantly tried to push the ball off of outlet passes (either that, or he'd take 9.75 seconds to cross halfcourt), but the essence of the system still remains. While the Twins could use Turgeon's patient system to look for hollow defenses to penetrate with their killer drives, Rysheed thrives in the open court. ESPN lists his weaknesses as the following:

Jordan's physical tools allow him to flourish in the open floor right now but he still has to prove that he can run a team in the half-court. While his ability to make plays for himself and others in undeniable, he can occasionally get caught in first gear and must also become more consistent with his long range jumper.

Seems to me like a slight knock on his potential to thrive here. I have no doubt that he'd be a great player, but I don't see any way in which the Harrison Twins would NOT succeed (at any school, really). So, my question would be, how do you think he would fit into Turgeon's offense or would we be best suited going elsewhere? And does this make the Twins far more valuable for Rysheed?

Alright, that was a lot...sorry. I guess I don't need to add in TERPS TERPS TERPS. Feel free to discuss this and any other options at guard that may better serve us in 2013, or whether you think Rysheed is the man.

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