I really want the opinion of recruiting pros on this site. Obviously, Ben, Ben, Dave, Pete, Charlotte, bballpurist, word2bigbird, and everyone else. Right now, next year's team has 12 committed players. The seven returning players, plus the current 5 man class. We lose Padgett off of that team, which leaves us 2 scholarships for 2013. This allows us to get the twins, but only the twins.

My question is, are we all on the same page that "forcing" attrition is a no-no for the program to even consider? I feel like people don't acknowledge that enough in the comments in the different posts. You can't just toss out, "we need a point guard next year" without acknowledging that right now, we don't have room for one, unless one of the following two things are true:

1. The coaches KNOW that a player is leaving and it just hasn't been announced yet.

2. The coaches are willing to go into next year with 13 players and then pull a scholarship from someone if no one voluntarily leaves in order to make room for twins or any other 2013 recruits.

As a coach, you can't just bank on the idea, however likely, that "some attrition always happens". Maybe, but what if it doesn't? You are then in a position where you can't add the twins without forcing players to leave by rescinding their scholarships.

To me, forcing attrition is a terrible idea and should not be considered. And, we need to leave ourselves at least 2 spots in 2013. Therefore, by definition, we must be done with the 2012 class.

And if we do add anyone else, that is a sign to me that the coaches are willing to force people out, which is a very bad precedent to set.

What do you all think? Has Turg ever commented on this issue publicly?

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