Who are the Terps best five on the court?

It's a very slow day here in south Florida so I thought I would take a look at some of the Terps stats. (I'm a stats freak.) I wanted to see who have been the Terps best five players on the court using the +/- stat since ACC play began. I found some of the results were quite surprising.

We all know hockey uses +/- and recently basketball has started to use it, although not officially I don't think. I looked at the past eight games, the seven ACC games plus the Temple game. There is a +/- for when a player is on the court and a +/- when he is on the bench.

Here are my findings. During this time period, the Terps have been outscored by 28 points, going 3-5 in the process.

Berend Weijs +14 on the court, +42 while on the bench = +56

Alex Len +10 on, +38 off = +48

Terrell Stoglin +5 on, +33 off = +38

Sean Mosley -3 on, +25 off = +22

Pe'Shon Howard -15 on, +13 off = -2

James Padgett -16 on, +12 off = -4

Mychal Parker -25 on, +3 off = -22

Ashton Pankey -44 on, -16 off = -60

Nick Faust -55 on, -27 off - -82

I know the stats may be confusing so let me explain. I'll use Terrell as an example. While Stoglin has been on the court in these eight games, the Terps have outscored the opponent by five points. While he has been on the bench, the Terps have been outscored by 33 points, which, in this example, is a positive for Stoglin since he wasn't on the court. I hope that makes it a little less confusing.

There are only three Terps with positives while on the court, Weijs, Stoglin and Len. Only two Terps have negatives while on the bench: Faust and Pankey.

Nick and Ashton's negative numbers are by far the highest on the team. They lose ground while on the court and then watch the Terps make it up while they are on the bench. I know they are both freshman but I was kind of surprised by it.

I wouldn't put a lot of weight into Berend's stats since he plays the fewest minutes of the group.

It looks like our best lineup is Howard and Stoglin in the backcourt, Len at center and Mosley and Padgett up front. Parker, Faust, Pankey and Weijs off the bench.

What do you guys think? Are any of you surprised by these numbers?

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