Maryland Minute 2.2.12: Awesome (and Old) Stefon Diggs and Wes Brown Interview

Ah screw it, let's just make it Stefon Diggs week. #StayHomeStefon (Image via

Old Stefon Diggs and Wes Brown interview
Best. Out of date quotes. Ever.

Diggs: We go hand-in-hand on the field. It's not Wes Brown. It's not Stefon Diggs. It's Brown & Diggs.
OK, let's play that angle. Are you guys a package deal heading to college? Do you want to play with each other?

Diggs: Yes, that's the idea.

Seriously though, read it all. It's a nice piece.

Much like the Harrisons recruitment, there are going to be bigger factors in this one than just Wes and Stefon's friendship ... but I certainly take it over nothing.

After unexpected break from football, Quinton Jefferson happy to join Terps
The forgotten recruit. Quinton Jefferson, Pennsylvania defensive end, was originally a 2012 recruit who had to greyshirt due to an undisclosed medical condition. Matt Bracken reminds us he's still here. I'm guessing he'll have to be converted to an OLB in the 3-4, as he only weighed in at 225 his senior year.

Mark Turgeon won't face further action from ACC over suspension against Miami
Didn't expect any, anyway, but it's nice to get confirmation.

WBB: #9 Terps Cruise Past Boston College
A huge bounceback win, 86-44, over Boston College. I still think this team has legitimate Final Four potential this year.

Sam Cassell Jr. Is ‘Blowing Up’
Went for 40 against Winchendon, apparently, though I have no idea if Winchendon is any good compared to past years (they had Will Barton a few seasons ago). Maryland still needs scorers who can stretch the floor, but there's suddenly a lot more competition for him than we had expected.

Reviewing Maryland's 2007 recruiting class - Washington Times
Patrick Stevens reviews the class from several years ago. In all honesty, it wasn't a bad haul.

Dan Hellie says Stefon Diggs is probably going to Ohio State
Hellie isn't a recruiting guy, so take that with a gigantic dollop of salt. But FWIW.

Looking ahead to national signing day 2013
Kendall Fuller will be tough to top as the area's best talent, but I'd kill for Jonathan Allen and Dorian O'Daniel.

Looking at the top local high school football prospects in the class of 2014
Jalen Tabor(!) at the top, obviously; surprised to see Damian Prince so low, most think he'll be a future five-star.

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