Dodd Committment Most Likely Foreshaddows Attrition

Let me say that I'm intrigued by Dodd---he's a 6'9" guy with a nice wing span and good girth. Who knows if he can hack it at the ACC level---the kid has never really played against this kind of talent. But you have to like his upside.

However, I think the commitment signals that attrition is on the way.

Dodd seems to be, at best, a stretch for a high major program that has only gotten interest from one other high major school (GTown to be sure---but there's no indication they offered). From the start Turge has been adament that we aren't just going to bring in bodies, that we wanted to get the kind of kids that are going to be able to come in and make a difference. I just do not see Dodd as that. He seems at best, a kid who will need a few years to get acclimated to the game before he's ready to meaningfully contribute.

So what's going on.

Possibility 1: Well it may be that Turge isn't happy with having Len, Padge, Pankey and Shaq man the inside next year and wanted another option for practice and for when we have foul trouble/injury problems.

I think that's pretty unlikely.

Possibility 2: Turge is just really high on Dodd (who is a MD native) and wanted to make sure he got him in the fold before he blows up elsewhere.

I think this is unlikely. I don't think he's the kind of kid who's going to "blow up." I think he's the kind of kid who could, by his senior year be a big contributor but I don't think, based on what I've read and seen on him that he's that kind of "blow up" talent.

This leads me to Possibiliity 3:

One of either Len, Panky or Padge is not coming back and turge wants to make sure he has 4 warm bodies to rotate inside if he wants to.

I'll let you guys speculate as to whom that may be---but I suspect that padge is definately coming back so it would be either AL or AP.

NOTE: this isn't coming from "out of the blue"---one of the moderators at a premium site has been insisting all week that "change is coming" and when asked whether that meant attrition---he simply repeated "change is coming"

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