Re: Terrell Stoglin

So yeah, a lot of peopple are trashing Stoglin's play and his attitude.

Just one question to put that in perspective however--where would we be this year without Terrell Stoglin?

I'm guessing we'd have 7...maybe 8 wins at best.

Does he have things to work on? Of course. But I want him back next year and think that with an improving team around him he might just start to trust his teammates more. The thought of stoglin with a Cleare/Len frontcourt, faust, allen, parker and layman on the wing and a capable point man starting in 2013 makes me froth at the mouth. That's what we are building towards--let's not loose sight of that.

My read is that Turge sees that he has someone special in Stoglin, someone who could really be a great college basketball player that leads a team to the final four.

As with everything concerning Maryland bball--patience is the word. Stoglin is having a monster year. He's not perfect, in fact he leaves a lot to be desired in terms of his selfish play at times. But in a sense that's sort of the nature of the beast with us this year. A lot of times our offense feeds off of his contested makes. Sometimes they aren't going down, or he's being smothered by 2 or 3 defenders. That's when he's got to look to distribute---but that will come. All good things moving forward on Stoglin.

If he has the guts to stick with the program, and not bolt for Europe where his scoring ability and athleticism could make him a pretty penny, he could be leading us to new heights come his senior year. Turge is just the guy to bring out the things that need to be brought out in his game.

If Stoglin does leave the program, and I don't expect he will, it will sting, but it would kind of tell you all you need to know about whether he would have worked with Turge to be a more team oriented guy moving forward.

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