Maryland Minute 2.16.12: Nick Faust's Huge Slam

Soak it in, in all its glory.


Nick Faust pointedly settles in as Terps rout Boston College - D1scourse
Faust was great last night, even with the five turnovers. Good to see people taking note.

Notes on Maryland and Boston College: Turgeon told Terps to be a "family"
Just a few quotes from Turgeon & Co. My favorite? Stoglin's explanation for his tweet: "I don't like Duke at all."

Postgame Quotes - Maryland vs. Boston College
All of the quotes, at the official site. It's interesting to continue analyzing the Turgeon-Stoglin relationship. Turge is much more careful with the media now, and much more positive. Also:

"I would say the experience in the beginning of the season definitely helped me, but now I don't really have a choice. It's either you ball or you don't."

Meggett-esque, right there.

Catching Up With The Mark Turgeon Crew - SB Nation DC
I love the "baby-powder-as-weird-grey-spot" touch.

See Why Everyone's 'Zaching' - Video - WBAL Baltimore
A great interview piece with Zach Lederer by WBAL's Pete Gilbert. - DT

Human Factor: Reclaiming life on the field – and off – - Blogs
In the Human Factor on, Zach Lederer shares his story. - DT

Maryland basketball: Thomas balances books with basketball for the first time since high school
Good piece on walk-on Jonathan Thomas. Gives you a real sense of what life is like as an athlete. - DT

Switching gears to football:

Johnson, Powell Visit with Media
The Prez says three things of note to me: he's looking to change a bit after last year's special teams showing (duh), he thinks the 3-4 defense will help (duh), and the returner slots are open (at least until Stefon Diggs shows up).

Maryland offers Ryan Burns
And I wish them the best of luck in that endeavor. Elite, elite, elite QB out of Ashburn, Va. Off the top of my head, the best quarterback prospect in the D.C. area in years. For whatever reason, the DC-Baltimore corridor puts out a ton of linemen and skill position players but not a ton of BCS QBs; Burns isn't only a BCS QB, he's a top-75 type of prospect, with offers already from Penn State, Stanford, and Virginia. The latter two are rumored to be heavy favorites, so Maryland's only shot might be selling the chance to work with Diggs and the other skill position players Maryland has in the pipeline.

UGA’s Mark Richt moves quickly on Maryland OL transfer Max Garcia | AJC College Sports Recruiting
Maryland transfer Max Garcia is being targeted by Georgia, Florida and South Carolina, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. - PV

Delicious rumor too good to check: Friedgen to end up at Georgia Tech?
I like Fridge, but lost a good bit of respect for him with the whining after the debacle. He got a raw deal, but months after the fact saying he "burned his degree" toasted all goodwill I had for him. We know he was "flying the GT flag" last year; why not get back into it as CPJ's offensive line coach? Low-pressure, yadda yadda yadda.

To The Promised Land: Bradley Chalupski's Quest for the Olympics and Much, Much More / Jspace News
Brad Chalupski, who is a dear friend of mine and a fellow Maryland alumni, is currently competing in the skeleton, representing Israel. Check out this great piece on him and wish your fellow Terp good luck as he tries to qualify for the winter Olympics. - DT

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