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I graduated from UMD last year and now live in Boston. I’ve sat front-row center for all but 3 of BC’s home games this year and have watched all the road games on TV so I’m very familiar with the team. Figured I’d post some insights in advance of the game tomorrow.

BC is in their 2nd season under Steve Donahue, but this is an entirely different team from the one that beat the Terps twice last year. The team features 9 freshmen, and a junior transfer. They bring back only 3 players that saw any real minutes last year, and their leading returning scorer averaged just 3 ppg and doesn’t actually play more than 4 or 5 mpg this year. BC starts 4 freshmen and the transfer, with a sophomore, 2 freshmen, and 2 grad students getting the bench minutes.

BC’s likes to play a slow half-court offense that revolves around throwing the ball around the perimeter and hoping they find an open guy to take a 3. If the clock gets down around 10 and they don’t have anything yet they’ll try to throw it inside to a big man, who will try to score in the paint 1-on-1. They almost never kick back out once they throw it inside, and they’re not usually too aggressive on the offense glass, instead opting to run back on D and try to prevent fast-breaks (they’re very good at this). The D is a standard man-to-man, although they will switch to a 2-3 zone on rare occasions. They’ll also try to pressure from time to time, usually mid-to-late 2nd half. The man defense is pretty tight, with good rotation and they’re actually a solid defensive team most of the time. They’ve had trouble playing a full 40 minutes this year, lots of times turning in great 35 min performances, but they may have gotten that monkey off their back in the FSU game. Here’s a look at some of the individual players.


Jordan Daniels (freshman): 5’9 PG. Jordan is a good ball handler, and good on-ball defender who comes up with a number of steals. His passes are usually on-target and crisp although he can sometimes make poor mental decisions and ill-advised (read: cross court through a zone) passes. He’s quick and can get into the lane although he doesn’t really shot fake and can get blocked pretty easily inside. He’s not the most consistent 3-pt threat on the team (that would be Jackson) but he hits a very good percentage and has the best range by far. He can hit from 28 ft. at about the same percentage he hits from 23 ft. He can also play a full 40 minutes. Good free-throw shooter but has a tendency to miss clutch ones and front-ends.

Lonnie Jackson (freshman) : 6’4 SG: Lonnie is pretty much Eric Hayes without the bball IQ. He’s the most accurate 3-pt threat on the Eagles. He can’t really create his own shot, but he doesn’t need much space to get one off. He started the season shooting about 40% from the FT-line in non-conference play and is probably around 80% in conference. Good perimeter defender but poor lateral quickness. Gets fouled a lot on his 3s and has converted multiple 4-pt plays. Scores most of his points in the 2nd half for whatever reason.

Matt Humphrey (junior): 6’6 SG/SF: Matt is in his 1st year at BC after sitting out a year, coming from Oregon. A former 4-star. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. He started the year as a highly overconfident volume shooter who felt that he had to carry the team. When he gets 1-on-1 coverage on the perimeter he’ll take a lot of 3 or 4 dribble pull-up 3s. He’s also left-handed. Sound familiar yet? Anyway, Matt has really calmed down lately and become much more of a team-player which is something he wasn’t early in the year. He’s become what we’re all wishing Stogs could be, which is a scorer when he needs to be, and a perfect offensive cog the rest of the time. He’s a hard-nosed, hard-working player who seems to be everywhere on the floor. He’s a Mosely-esque lock-down defender, the best one that BC has, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they put him on Stoglin. He can also slash into the lane and get to the basket as well, but isn’t much of a mid-range shooter. He’s the only 3-pt threat that can create his own shot.

Ryan Anderson (freshman): 6’8 PF: Last year’s Gatorade Player of the Year in California. Ryan is very athletic, and is the best rebounder on the team. His offensive game is a little unpolished, but he is quick and can play in the paint or on the perimeter. His 3-pt shot isn’t as good as the guards, but it exists. He’s streaky and can take over a game or be a complete non-factor depending on the day. Tendency to get into foul trouble.

Dennis Clifford (freshman): 7’0 C. Well developed post game. Likes to shoot hook shot ala Mason Plumlee. Very thin and gets pushed around. Not a great rebounder for his size. Average shot blocker. Will take a mid-range shot or 2, or maybe even a 3 if he’s open. Get’s to the line a decent amount and shoots around 65-70%. Was a consistent double-double early in conference play but has disappeared the last couple games. Should be interesting to see him match-up with Len. Another guy who plays all out and isn’t afraid to dive for loose balls. Gets his shot blocked waaay to often considering his height. Not a good jumper.


KC Caudil (freshman) 6’10 C: Good rebounder, okay post game. Likes to back down his guy and then spin and take a fade-away, whereas Clifford likes the hook shot. The fade is Caudil’s shot and he’s pretty good at it. Decent mid-range shooter as well. Terrible from the line. Incredibly slow. I mean incredibly slow in all areas.

Eddie Odio (freshman) 6’7 PF: Probably the best jumper on the team and maybe a better rebounder than Anderson. Highly athletic. Can’t really do much else tough.

Gabe Moton (sophomore) 6’2 PG: Unremarkable. Can hit open shots. Can defend okay. Decent passer. Turnover prone. Below average court vision.

John Cahill (senior) 6’0 SG: Very high bball IQ. Unathletic. Deadly 3-pt shooter but only if he’s wide open. And I mean wide wide open. Wont shoot unless there’s absolutely nobody near him. Plays 15 min a game and may only take 1 shot.

Dirunas Visosckas (senior) 6’7 SF: I spelled his name wrong I’m sure. He’s only played in 2 games so far after being injured and hasn’t actually done anything, but he’s played decent minutes and the Eagles always seem to go on a run when he’s in the game. Not that he ever has anything to do with it, but his +/- is through the roof.

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