By Popular Demand.... Bball recruiting news

I tried to do a football post but it turned into a basketball thread. Rather than have a mixed thread I thought we could use this for bball.

Recruiting news - MD is involved with another top 50 PG. Jaren Sina

Sina is a super skilled guard with a lethal jump shot. He has an effortless stroke that is virtually automatic when in rhythm from anywhere inside of 25 feet, is equally effective shooting off the catch or the dribble, and can also make tough contested shots late

My thoughts: This kid is by far the best shooting PG that we are after. He is capable of being a true PG as well. Both he and Jordan are capable scoring options at the PG but Sina scores from a distance where Jordan attacks the basket more. In terms of passing ability its Andrew Harrison, Jordan, Sina ... in that order. Scoring: Jordan, Sina, Harrison .... in terms of what MD needs (right now - so not considering what Layman, Allen, and Shaq bring to the table) I would take Sina above Jordan because of his outside shot. If Allen and Layman can shoot like advertised, I take Jordan.

Jordan update: winning him over Temple is going to be very very difficult. He is at their games every week. He attended their game again this weekend, which brings the count to something like 5 or 6 games. While it is very close to his house, you dont see local MD recruits coming to the games weekly. On the other hand, you also dont see him retweeting about being the future Temple pg. He has retweeted a lot about joinging the terps.

Turge is in Houston right now watching the Twins. Bino was there last week. Bino was also on hand to watch the Dematha - Paul VI game. Guessing he is taking the lead on the Stan Robinson recruitment.

The million dollar question was just asked in the football thread....

Anyone thinking with the Bino visit last week and the Turge drop by this week that the twins are gonna re-class for 2012??? I know whishing on a prayer, but stranger things have happened. Go ahead jump all over me, I have big shoulders!!!

I hadnt really thought about this until now... Could this happen? It is certainly possible. This would be fantastic. The twins have been dominating their state tourney... if they win could they decide they have had enough of HS bball??

Other than Cassell JR their really isnt another 2012 PG option right now. I havent heard of anything on the JUCO front. Cassell JR has been blowing up but I think that he will end up at UConn for some reason.

Mitchell - some think that we are involved. I personally dont. I know that he said he wouldnt be taking any visits until the spring but MD has not been actively recruiting him or watching his games... atleast to my knowledge. I havent seen one thing that would suggest a coach has been there recently. If I am wrong please share your info.

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