Issues at the Point, now and future.

First post on here, so the format and whatnot wont look good but be nice I'll figure it out. I was just having some serious concerns about the point guard position. We expect that with next years strong recruiting class, lack of loss, and maturity of current underclassmen this team will be a strong contender in the ACC for at least the next few seasons.

I myself agree but am skeptical about our point guard woes and leadership.

I'll start with the point guard problems. Our only true point this season is MVP' Howard and we all know he is out for the year with a torn ACL. That is an injury that costs him valuable experience and may not even let him be back full strength by the start of next season due to the timing of the injury. EVEN if he comes back from day 1, 100 percent healthy, he is our ONLY point on the roster.

We currently have 9 guards.

4 are walk ons.

P' is hurt and our only 'true' point.

Parker is perhaps the most out of control ball handler on the face of the planet (good game vs duke though, but not a point G)

Losing sugar sean this season.

That gives us Stoglin, Faust, and the incoming Seth Allen next season so far. All three of them are suited to play shooting guard, not the point.

This seriously troubles me that all we have to count on for consistant play is a guy that just tore his acl, I dont really feel comfortable with stogs or faust at point, Id rather have them elsewhere and I certainly dont love the idea of a freshman leading this team and having growing pains as a starter instead of easing him into a winning team.

What do you guys think? Peshon isnt a guy that plays 40 minutes a game especially coming off that injury? Who steps in?

SECOND issue, leadership and Turge controlling the team amidst turmoil.

If you havent had time to check out terpskin's post:

Check it out.

In addition to the tweets he posted that stoglin said I found this one:

I'm kalm, I'm just frustrated brodii, my own teamates was like t ask him wht up.

and a few others that are borderline disrespectful (not written by him, but retweeted, like this

: Go ham, you have behind you. You don't bench your best player unless you want to lose.

Retweeted by
I may be blowing that out of proportion but I found it troubling, discuss your thoughts

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