2013 Football Recruits

Anyone else already looking forward to next year to see what local recruits want to stay now that we're locking up the area? Still stoked about the Diggs commitment, but I saw a few people wondering what local recruits there were for next year. I did this in a reply to a fanpost a few weeks ago, but now that rivals has their list too, I can combine ESPN, Rivals and 247 rankings and come up with a better list of the local talent in the area that we should be looking for.

Oh, and yes, their are some more studs from Good Counsel that we should be going after, .

Anyways, lets look at the Maryland players first that have received some top 150-250 consideration from all the recruiting sites (I'll include DC, since it is such a smaller pool of players).

Kendall Fuller - consensus 5 star CB from Good Counsel. He came to Diggs announcement last night. The crowd recognized him and started chanting for him too, he loved it. He even tweeted about the love MD fans were showing. In all reality though, we are the underdogs in this race. His entire family are hokies, so we'll have to really impress in order to sway him.

Dorian O'Daniel - 4 star OLB from Good Counsel. The obvious connection here is Good Counsel and the plethora of high quality recruits we just landed in the 2012 class from there. Lets hope that the pipeline stays open and we can snag a few more, especially on defense. ESPNs initial evaluation claims that O'Daniel excels at blitzing and overpowering blockers, I'll take it. Sounds like the perfect fit for a 3-4 OLB.

Derwin Gray - 4/5 star OT from DC (transferred to Friendship) - Gray just transferred from Dunbar to Friendship, where ironically he is now going to play with Jalen Tabor (2014). We just landed Albert Reid (4 star RB) from Friendship, and they produced Eddie Goldman as well. MD should be looking hard to lock up Gray, That would be two high quality OTs in a row (Madaras from Good Counsel this year). Hopefully Locksleys pull on DC recruits can stay strong.

Henry Poggi - 4 star DT from Gilman. Well...we don't have a lot of success with Gilman recruits, but this year we finally landed our first in 20+ years. So lets hope the relationship has thawed and we have a shot at Poggi. At 6'3, 245lb, he looks to be a good fit at the DE spot in the 3-4.

Na'Ty Rodgers - 4 star OT from McDonough. At 6'4, 260lb, Rodgers appears to be a good fit at Guard or RT. I'll take offensive line depth wherever I can take it, especially quality players in-state.

Kirk Garner - 3/4 star Safety from...Good Counsel - Yes, another good counsel defensive player. Garner is a solid safety prospect from Good Counsel, and as I said above, I'd love to keep this pipeline open. I don't think its likely we land all 3 of these players from Good Counsel, but with Locksley anything is possible.

That wraps up MD and DC. So lets look at VA, where Stone Bridge is putting up some good prospects. I've never understood why we don't go for more Stone Bridge players as they're so close to the school.

Ryan Burns - 4/5 star QB from Stone Bridge. Burns is a pro-style offense QB who has a great arm. I'm not sure if Locksley is looking for more zone read or pro-style, but he has said he'll play to his players strengths. MD has always had stronger RBs (and we got two 4 stars last year) so I'm guessing we'll see more pro-style with DOB. Burns would fit well into that system.

Jonathan Allen - 4 star DE from Stone Bridge. Allen is a 6'3, 225lb pass rusher who uses his speed to get to the QB. Allen could add some more bulk to his frame, as he is light for a DE in a 3-4 system, but we could always attempt to stand him up as the Weakside DE/OLB in the 3-4 as well. That'd be a whole lot of OLB depth with this years class and the possibility of Allen and O'Daniel, but you don't deny talent. If we were to land Allen, I'd assume we would be putting our eggs in the basket of Braglio from this year adding the weight needed to play DE in a 3-4.

Christian Hackenburg - 4/5 star QB from Fork Union Military Academy - we had a pipeline of sorts with Fork Union while Ralph was here. Hackenburg has a great arm and accuracy, as his evals state he can make the passes you need to drill in there, or hit the touch passes over top. We took two 3 star QBs this year, but you can't deny top QBs in any class, regardless of depth.

EJ Levenberry Jr - 4 star LB from Woodbridge, VA - Depending on the recruiting service, Levenberry is projected at both ILB and OLB. His early evals show that he has a great tackling ability, which translates well as a 3-4 ILB, who are relied on to stop the run while the DL clogs up the OL.

Donta WIlkens - 3/4 star DT from Dumphries, VA - Wilkens is only 6'2, but 305lb. WIlkens would project well with his current build into possibly being the NT needed for the 3-4 DL, assuming his height doesn't hold him down on that. The NT needs to be a massive space eater, and Wilkens appears to be that.

There are a lot of fringe 3/4 star prospects down by Richmond and Virginia Beach as well, but that is getting into UVA/ VT territory, but I'm assuming the staff will give that a shot. Or at least send out feelers to see what the initial vibe is from the player.

From Western PA, since Gattuso has his ties out there, one prospect of note is Robert Foster, a 4 star WR. Foster has great hands, and as we all saw last year, our offense could really use a WR that can catch the ball. And from west of Philly, there is 5 star and No. 1 TE Adam Brenneman, who seems elated with MD and has already taken 5-6 unofficial visits. I retweeted him last night, he was happy about the Diggs decision but called it "uncommon." I don't know what to make of that, I hope he doesn't think it is uncommon for a 5 star to come to UMD.

This is by no means a complete list of local recruits either. There are always those that run under the radar until the summer, or I just missed them when glossing over the rankings. Delando Johnson from north of B-more is a local prospect as well, but I don't know much about him so I can't offer any insight on it. So feel free to add more players in the comments section, or any other info you guys know on the local guys. I figured this would tie everyone over until Ben made a complete write up about it.

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