Maryland Minute 2.9.12: The Zaching Craze Spreads


Happy Stefonukkah, all. There's an open thread for that in the FanPosts.

Everyone at Maryland is ‘Zaching’ - DC Sports Bog
Good to see everyone in the athletics community rally around a cause - even SVP and Torrey Smith get into the act. Heartwarming.

‘Living the dream’ - The Diamondback
As yet, the best Lederer piece I've seen.

Coordinators Visit with Media
Linked to a few stories yesterday, but these are the full interviews of both Locksley and Stewart. RTWT. Have to say, I like Stewart's philosophy:

Both have been known to be pressure defenses and when we talk about pressure defense, we're not talking about blitzing every play, that's not what pressure is. Pressure is when the receivers get ready to catch the balls, the DBs are in a place where they can contest every catch. Pressure is when the linebackers are showing at the line scrimmage and the quarterback doesn't know out of those seven guys at the line of scrimmage who is coming and who is not. That's kind of how I got to where I am defensively with the three four defense.

Basically the football version of Gary's pressure? Works for me.

Rising to the challenge - The Diamondback
Nice piece on Stoglin. Good to hear his big target is still Duke. Love the little dude.

Ernie Graham, Johnny Rhodes both getting jerseys raised this month
We already knew it was happening, but now we know when as well. Graham on Feb. 16 against Boston College, Rhodes on Feb. 21 against Miami. Well-deserved on both counts, especially Rhodes'.

Lady Terps coast to win at Clemson
Lynetta Kizer had 16 and 8 in a 30-point win.

Rysheed Jordan impressed by his Maryland visit
The Sun with a free IMS article. Was linked in the FanPosts, but in case you didn't see it earlier. Anyway, Jordan sounds pretty impressed, though the interesting thing is hearing that Turgeon told Jordan he's #1 on their board. Of course, it's very easy to say something that could be interpreted as "you're #1" that isn't actually "you're #1" - or lie - so I'm not sure how this really affects the Harrison Twins.

Rivals250 for 2013 released, predictably has a bunch of local talent
Chief among them being Kendall Fuller, a five-star CB and Good Counsel Falcon. Fuller has two brothers who went to VT which will make it tough to steal him, but if ther ewas any guy Maryland could steal like that, it'd be someone who goes to GC. Others Maryland is involved with:

#22 Adam Breneman, TE
#37 Dorian O'Daniel, LB (GC)
#43 Henry Poggi, DT (Gilman)
#72 Holland Fisher, LB
#105 Derwin Gray, OT
#117 Michael Parker, ATH
#192 David Williams, RB
#202 Bucky Hodges, QB
#231 Na'Ty Rodgers, OT

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