Stan Robinson - Game Review

I know at least Charlotte and RQ are waiting on my game summary +, so I'll get down to it for a hump day lunch time break treat.

Got there 1/2 hour b4 game time, all tix pre-sold for Gonzaga/Paul VI tilt. Fortunately, I found a Gonzaga student w/ an extra ticket. Paid double face ($10 - lol) and got in about 5 minutes before tip-off. Good thing I didn't give up (I almost left and went home b4 guessing that HSers might bail on games a bit more than Terps students, right?)

Right from the start, the game was intense. The D was tight, defenders bodying-up and hand-checking (refs let them play, much to Gonzaga HC's dismay) and Paul VI students and fans had the temperature approaching Cole Field House levels. After picking up an early foul, Stan Robinson got off a couple of good passes that led to baskets, one to the "other" Robinson, Jamall, that was the player of the game (avgs 6 per game, stepped up for 17 points and one near breathtaking dunk - leapt about 6 ft from basket, caught Stan's beautifully timed lob from across the court, and just missed slamming it home as he was fouled).

But I digress. Stan made 4 FGs in the game, and with my analyst hat on, I can tell you his jump shot form is excellent. Creates good spacing w/ driving threat to the hole, elevates well, shoots at apex of jump shot, elbow squared, good rotation on ball, and follow through - all there. He doesn't appear to a be a big 3 point shooter (didn't have any last night anyway), so shots were 13-16 footers. When Stan got his 2nd foul w/ a minute and a half in the 1st Qtr, I knew I might not see as much of him as I hoped for. But he played most of the 2nd Qtr until he dove for a loose ball and banged his head w/ a Gonzaga player. They both did not get back up right away - Stan had to go to the locker room (and I heard get some stitches), get bandaged up, and came out for the 2nd half looking like the fife player in our Revolutionary Army, and now was wearing #23 due to his #13 getting bloodied up.

I was most impressed with Stan's court vision, especially in the 2nd half. The way Paul VI was sharing the ball was fun to watch. Stan and his teammates, facing a Gonzaga comeback after whittled the lead down to 5, did not panic and try to do too much. Rather, they patiently kept working the ball down to Jamall Robinson or worked it around the perimeter until Patrick Holloway could find a seam to dribble into for a series of smooth jumpers (he's another player w/ solid fundamentals, especially on D - and he's calm all the time. He's a bit undersized SG @ 6'1", but I think Paul Hewitt might use him at PG some - just my guess). And Stan's handle? I think it's above average, but I could see some room for a bit of improvement for major D1 ball. He was stifled a couple of times on breaks when Gonzaga players jumped into his dribbling path, and almost lost the ball a few times (recovered on all but one).

Getting back to Stan, the timing and placement of his passes was real good. It's that kind of thing I was looking for - can Stan play in the flow of his team's offense and make everyone around him better? My view from last night is definitely so. Stan and Holloway's D impressed me most. The way they get down into the athletic position, feet slightly open (good technique), lateral movements that are quick responses to opponent moves, hard pursuit, it's all there. (btw - Forwards J. Robinson and Coleman Johnson (Fairfield - MAAC) of Paul VI have serious verticals - they blocked and contested a lot of shots w/o fouling much). And even though he had a big T-shirt under his uni, it looks like his frame can support more upper body size.

All in all, it was a fun game to watch, even though it wasn't close at the end, winding up 66-53. On the Gonzaga side, not having Nate Britt yet again hurt the Eagles. Their guards could not handle really quick PG Tilman Dunbar (Navy commit) (check out his kicks on the video!). And the best athletes on the floor? Stan and Abdur-Ra'oof (he's athletic as any - some room to build up his frame (he's a soph) - he's the guy I'd also hope the staff can get). BTW, Kris Jenkins has a beautiful stroke with that desired high/low game - & he's a tough competitor. I hope Coach L gets him rather than our beloved whiny SG. Jimmy Patsos snagged Gonzaga's C Will Rassman. He played really well & knows how to get good position down low. @ 6'8" and 220 (looks less), Rassman's a bit thin, but uses his body effectively, & has sound skills - will be a good MAAC player at Loyola).

And the last nugget: They chased all the people behind the scorer's table out to the hallway so players could leave the floor. I snuck under one of the bleachers sections, and waited for Stan, who was last off the floor. I said hello, shook hands, congratulated Stan on the victory and also.......congrats on his scholly offer with the Terps. He lit up with a big smile and I told him him a lot of Terps fans (i.e., Charlotte - ha ha ha) were happy he received an offer. All bandaged up around his head, but a smile that says it all. He must like the Turge and the staff a lot. Whenever I get to a HS game, it reminds me of what makes sports special for me (when I coached my son was a major highlight).

So Charlotte, I'm now a big believer in Stan. Oh, and as a bonus (since they are free), Stan is shooting 81% from the charity stripe.

Lastly, just look at the video and check out Tilman Dunbar's fluorescent shoes! And at 2:12 - the pep crew busts out the plywood "bus", and gets everyone yelling the HS classic, "Start the bus!" HS memories came pouring in for me - lots of fun (got me thinking of my Sr year squad had a 6'9' C that was 3rd team all-state - went to Pukon).

video from the game @ Posts' All Met Sports:

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