Why Caleb Rowe should be our QB next year

Y'all were clamoring for a completely out of context, way out-of-season football opinion, and I got one, so here it is.

We have a lot of nice QB options for next year: CJB has to be considered the favorite, Hills had a very strong debut showing, Ricardo Young is probably the most pedigreed guy from a recruit perspective, Cockerille is Elite 11 but young, Burns showed tremendous dual-threat potential in his short sample -- and that leaves Caleb Rowe as an afterthought that I believe has been mentioned here as a transfer candidate.

Well, I say Rowe should not only stay, but he should also be named our next starting QB. Why, you ask? Three reasons:

1. Stefon Diggs - no explanation necessary.

2. Deon Long - the dude posted insane JUCO numbers for the best team in the country. 1,625 yards with 25 TDs. Long is going to early enroll this winter and be well-ingrained in the system by fall. He was the best JUCO receiver in the nation and maybe the best overall player, period. He says in a Rivals story he now wants to be the best receiver in the BCS. Well, if he's even the best receiver on his own team this fall, or even close to it, then we're going to have some SERIOUSLY badass receivers. I'm talking USC good.

3. King, Leak, Burns, Cheeseboro, Jacobs etc. It's a nice batch of potential 3rd, 4th and 5th receivers, and whichever of them emerges into the primary rotation along with the above two studs should see plenty of one-on-one coverage against suspect defenders. By the way, I'm still hoping Locks can flip Jacobs' little brother back home from Ohio State and into this stable as well.

My point I'm slowly trying to make is that if Long is good as advertised, and I for one believe he will be, we could arguably have the best receivers in the ACC, the B1G and maybe in the USA. We don't need an option QB in that scenario. We need a pocket passer who can drop back, who can make all the throws, and who can get the ball downfield quickly and on target. That's Rowe. He's the only guy who fits that description. I think he has to be our QB next year. We'll have a solid stable of running backs that have all gained on-field experience. They can handle the tough yards - we won't need zone reads, designed rollouts, QB draws or any of that crap coming from under center anymore. We need a big, accurate arm that can deliver the ball consistently to our biggest weapons, because our biggest weapons are going to be some of the best ones in the United States.

So it's early. Everyone's worn out from football and we're not even into the meat of the basketball schedule yet, so I know this is coming out of left field and way premature.

But I'm starting the campaign now. Vote for Caleb. Anyone with me?

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