Maryland Minute - 11.6.12 - Shawn Petty's Debut at Quarterback, More on Maryland's Injury Woes

Seriously, we have a linebacker playing quarterback. - Rob Carr

In today's Maryland Minute we dive into Shawn Petty's debut at quarterback, look at Maryland's past injuries, and give some love to the non-revenue sports.

So you know how some places have signs that say things like "No accidents in __ days" or "No tornadoes in __ days"? I think we should have a similar thing here at Testudo Times - No ACL injuries in __ days." Good times.

Edsall uses loss to Georgia Tech as teaching moment for depleted Terps - The Diamondback : Football: terps, football, edsall, petty, georgia tech

"Randy Edsall could have been angry when Shawn Petty jogged over to the sideline after throwing a fourth-quarter interception Saturday. He could have yelled at his quarterback, made sure he knew what he was doing wrong and told him not to make the same mistake again."

Good to know Edsall is trying to help Petty as much as possible. Who knows, maybe we could use him in some trick plays next season?

Where does 2012 rank among Maryland's most injury-prone seasons of late? - Washington Times
Looking at Maryland's injury history over the past 8 seasons. Mostly included this just so folks can see past injuries. I still think something is afoot this season, which Patrick Stevens disagrees with. But he's entitled to his opinion.

A.J. Francis takes to Twitter, explains why Terps injuries are unrelated
In case you didn't see it, A.J. Francis took to twitter to say that the injuries this season are unrelated to the turf, conditioning staff, etc. I don't agree, entirely, but it's interesting to hear a football player's perspective.

Depth chart changes for Maryland football vs. Clemson
Updates to the depth chart for the Clemson game. After losing Demetrius Hartsfield to yet another ACL injury, L.A. Goree will take over his starting spot at inside linebacker.

Shawn Petty's debut another step into 'uncharted territory' for Terps -
Nice piece on Shawn Petty's first game at QB. Cool insight on Maryland's first play, when Petty was sacked. They wanted to throw, but he held onto the ball too long and got sacked.

ACC Basketball Previews: No. 6 Maryland :
The News & Record previews Maryland Basketball

#5 Terps Roll Lightning, 84-46, in Exhibition
No. 5 Maryland Women's basketball team rolled in their only exhibition, 84-46. The #5 Lady Terps are adjusting to life without their starting point guard, Brene Moseley, who, tell me if you've heard this before, tore her ACL. Take a look at this women's team because I think they're what the men's team will be by 2014. It's going to be awesome.

Virginia blanks Maryland, 4-0, for ACC women's soccer title -
Rough day for Maryland women's sports. No. 9 women's soccer team's run toward the program's first Atlantic Coast Conference championship ended with a 4-0 loss to No. 7 Virginia in the conference title game Sunday and the No. 7 ranked Field Hockey team fell to top ranked UNC, 4-2.

Cushman, McBain Lead Terps Past Duke, 3-2
Showing some love for Women's Volleyball, who took down Duke on Sunday, 3-2.

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