What is your favorite ACC moment?

Without question the greatest achievement of the MARYLAND men's basketball team is the Natty of 2002. While this is the pinnacle of the sport, it is not my personal favorite moment for the team (although it is up there to be sure).

Of course making the final four in 2001 was also HUGE for the program.

Another big moment for the terps was beating Georgetown in the early 90's.

Some of you may mention the NC State game of the early 70's...but we lost that it certainly isn't a favorite of mine.

These events (and lots of others!) are OUTSIDE the ACC. What I want to hear about from you, my terrapin brethren, is your favorite moment from the ACC.

We have won the ACC tournament three times: 1958, 1984 AND 2004.

1958 was before my time.

!984 was AMAZING. We had a strong team that played to potential. Lenny was AWESOME. This event was tough to beat. But FOR ME (note: AGAIN, this is MY OPINION) it was the 2004 ACC Championship that was the most fun to watch OF ANY EVENT in sports that I have ever watched.

I know. Its been clouded over by Johnny G's ill-advised early exit. He has been vilified. Some people deride him here. But that weekend he was simply amazing.

That weekend, our terrapins DEFIED the odds. As underdogs we won every game in extraordinary fashion. We won the first game. The very next day we won again....and then again the next day. No time to recover. No OFF day (for fans OR players).

Friday: Beat Wake by ONE FRIGGIN POINT. We were the six seed taking on the three seed.

Saturday: Beat NC ST by three points. State was the two seed. NOTE: We came back from 21 points down to win. Largest comeback EVER in the ACC tourney.

Sunday: Beat the number one seeded dookies IN OVERTIME

EVERY YEAR....and I mean EVERY SINGLE YEAR... I sit down to watch the ACC tourney and hope for the results like they actually occurred in 2004. Sometimes I am done on Friday. Occasionally, we make it to Saturday. But in 2004 we went ALL THE WAY to Sunday ....and beat dook.

Let me know what YOUR favorite ACC memory is. (Doesn't have to be men's basketball!)

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