TT 2012 Bball Recruiting Competition Final Results

A few days ago, Torian Graham finally made a decision about the next step in his basketball career. He will be attending Chipola Junior College. This is significant because I have been waiting for his destination in order to finalize Testudo Times' 2012 Basketball Recruiting Competition. This inaugural competition featured only 18 contestants (this year's competition: 40 contestants). The last update to this competition came in May, after Amile Jefferson committed to a very ugly school. Now that Graham's decision has been announced, the competition has come to a close, meaning we can crown our winners and make fun of those without crystal balls :)

Final Standings:

Ben Broman: 4/10

Glory801: 4/10

johnnyrobs13: 3/10

terps97: 3/10

Snappin Terp: 3/10

Ben Goldstein: 3/10

terpfarms78: 3/10

rquidas: 3/10

jettro: 2/10

CharlesDriesell: 2/10

KonartisNupe: 2/10

spideyguy0: 2/10

terpsallday: 2/10

Charlotte NC Terp: 2/10

#1terpsfan: 2/10

space_: 2/10

bballpurist: 1/10

kckb8: 1/10

Congratulations to Ben Broman and Glory801. They both finished with 4 out of 10 correct picks. Broman correctly predicted Shaquille Cleare to Maryland, Prince Ibeh to Texas, Jake Layman to Maryland, and Christian Sanders to Stanford. Glory801 also correctly had Cleare, Ibeh, and Sanders, but whereas Broman had Layman, Glory correctly had Elijah Macon to West Virginia.

Unfortunately, neither Broman or Glory are in 2013's basketball competition, so neither will have the chance to defend his crown. Though, Broman is in 2013's football competition. However, atleast this way we will have a new champion.

Below i have posted two links for google documents. The first link is the spreadsheet where i made everybody's entries. Incorrect picks are crossed out. The second link shows everybody's scores along with which recruits they correctly predicted. On this document there is also a chart showing where each of the 10 recruits went, along with the number of correct picks made for each recruit (for example, 9 contestants correctly had Layman to the Terps, so it shows 9/18).

Spread Sheet


Thanks to all who participated. I enjoyed running this and am enjoying the other competitions we currently have going on. Feel free to post below your Broman had this thing rigged conspiracy theories. A little fuel to start the fire: Glory801, the other winner, has rarely been heard from on here since it became obvious he was going to challenge Broman for the crown... hmmmm

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