Is It Time to Cut Bait on Perry Hills?

There used to be an easy way to add polls to the Fanposts but I don't see it here any more.

In any event, here is the question for the community. Should we stick with PH through thick and thin this year or is it time to see what Devin Burns can do? Up until the WF game, I was in the stick with PH camp. He seemed to be improving every week, he's tough as balls, he has lead a couple of key 4th quarter drives and, most importantly, the Terps have won with him at the helm.

However, I am starting to feel that it is time to move in another direction. Here's why:

  1. He doesn't have a strong arm. This is important not only for deep throws but also for out patterns. So far, I just haven't seen him be able to put much on his longer throws. As a result, on deeper plays -- even when the receiver is initially open, by the time the ball arrives, more often than not, the db has recovered enough to contest the catch.
  2. He doesn't appear to be super accurate with the ball. Many throws are just not on target.
  3. He misses too many short, touch passes. I'm talking about swing passes, screens and the like. The ball often doesn't arrive at the open receiver and if it does, the receiver is not in a position to make a play.
  4. The biggest reason, though, not to stick with PH -- who seems like a great kid -- is that I think it is very unlikely that he will be the qb of the future. One mark of a good team is stability. You have a player for multiple years starting at key positions. To date, PH has started 5 games yet if the season ended today we would have a qb controversy going into next year (Shane vs. Perry vs CJ). I'm not even sure who would be the leader of the competition. CJ? That's a pretty bad sign. Most college fb teams win with consistency and experience at the QB spot. Breaking somebody in again next year is a major downer. Plus, it sets us up for another rebuilding year. Thing is, I'm ready to move past the rebuilding stage and into the winning on a regular basis stage. (FWIW and without getting into a whole big RF love/hate fest, the last few years of RF's term we had a qb competition -- it seemed -- every year and it left us in a constant state of uncertainty. That is the situation that I want to avoid.)

So, this is why I'm ready to give a D. Burns a shot now. Even if he isn't better than PH, I'd like to see that with my own eyes. I'd like to know what kind of talent we have on the team at qb spot. Cause, here's the thing, if Devin does have the tools to win this year, we will be infinitely better next year. We get to go into camp in 2013 with not only a proven and experienced winner but solid backup talent in Shane, Perry and CJ. To me, that sounds like a recipe for long term success.

So, who's with me? Dump PH and start Devin or stick with the slowly improving poison that you already know?

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