Maryland Minute 10.8.12: Terps to Lean on Pickett, Brown; Diggs ACC Rookie of the Week

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Maryland identifies its backfield starters, bowl projections, and Deon Long lights it up once again.

Randy: No QB controversy, but maybe other changes
I'm actually doing a post on this later in the day. But in the meantime: no QB controversy is obvious, but I do expect (and hope) to see changes elsewhere. The good news: he says Wes Brown and Justus Pickett will receive the majority of the snaps in the backfield from here on out. They're by far the most productive backs Maryland's had this year, so it's very good news.

Diggs named ACC's Rookie of the Week ... Again

The whole Diggs/Duke Rookie of the Year battle is going to be intense. Meanwhile, Demetrius Hartsfield gets a well-deserved Linebacker of the Week nod.

ESPN thinks Maryland makes a bowl
The Military Bowl, to be precise, which is actually perfect for this year's team. And the projected opponents: either Iowa State or Utah. And both of those games would be really tough. But I'd love to bring in some local kids and show them Maryland in a bowl game, especially if they can pull off an upset. Can't do that anywhere but in DC.

Maryland stats wrap: Wake Forest - D1scourse
The good news: Diggs was targeted a full 7 times, which is still a bit low but a big improvement on the past few games. The goal now is to continue to get him the ball (even more, actually) but to do it where he's at his best: in open space. Use the quick slant in the slot, Locks!

Terps locker room signing Victory Song post-Wake
Rather poorly, might I add. Still, heartening.

Terps weekend recruiting wrap: Notes on Deon Long and more - Bracken
The big note: Deon Long catches five passes for 106 yards and two TDs. Iowa Western won 81-14, so I doubt he made it out of the first quarter. Can't wait to see him, Marcus Leak, and Diggs all on the same field.

Nonconference schedule analysis: ACC (basketball) - Brennan
Maryland gets a 5 (out of 10) for degree of difficulty. Sounds about right to me.

Harrisons the latest catch for Calipari - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
"That Maryland went toe-to-toe with this monolithic machine and nearly emerged victorious counts as a victory in and of itself. Terrapins fans desperate for a rebirth under Turgeon won't like to hear that, I'm sure. But it's true." Good to hear, but still makes me sad. - Dave

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